I’m one of those people who feels safest in her box. The things that I’m familiar with make me most comfortable, which is why I stay in said box. After having a year of big changes in my life, I’ve been thinking a lot as of late about things I may want to try, do, and explore in the future. My problem? That dumb box.

I have made it a goal of mine to be uncomfortable this year, which may seem like a negative way of thinking … but it’s not. I simply mean that I’m ready to leave my box and try new things. Whether this has to do with people, travel, or work: I’m ready! I know it’ll take me some time to feel comfortable with feeling uncomfortable, but that’s the whole point of it all. So what are you? An in or out of the box kinda person!?

  1. Athena P says:

    “Get Uncomfortable.” Yes! I think for creative types it’s important to get uncomfortable. To push, challenge, explore. Even fail. *gasp!* That horrible four-letter-word. Failure isn’t a bad thing. It means you tried. Did. Lived. LEARNED.

    But I digress.

    I’m an in the box person. But I’m sick of my box and I’m getting out. This year.

    You’re a big part of that, Bre.


  2. Great post. I’m definitely an “in the box” type of person. I jump out sometimes but usually retreat back in one way or another.

    Here’s to being “uncomfortable” this year.

  3. Ada says:

    I am definitely the in box kinda person, just like you! Since starting university I have been having to come out of my comfort zone quite a lot and I absolutely loved it! It was still within the things I was interested in but never had the courage to try them out. I’m sure that you will love coming out of your box.

  4. Sarah says:

    I’m an in-the-box kind of person, so I try really hard to get out of the box when I design – try something I’m not sure I can build or a style that I’ve never done. I’m attempting to do it in life as well. Going to a meditation class on Sat just because I know it’s good for me, but will make me super uncomfortable. That’s how we grow, right?

  5. leyla says:

    definitely a in the box kind of person, however recently i’ve been feeling a little stir-crazy and i’d love to venture out. i know that i can do more and be a more adventurous and productive individual. just have to find the courage to start somewhere…


  6. Vanessa Rae says:

    Depending on the day, I can seek the box for comfort and ease and then I have the days when I’m just craving something different. I mostly try to stay in the flow of life. Good luck.

  7. Rachael says:

    I love that. ‘Leave the box’. It’s so simple, but means so much. I’m always IN my box!! Although in my head, I’m always OUT! I need to get my head and my actual self in synch!

  8. Jenna says:

    My husband and I just moved to France for a year to get out of our box! You are not alone in this resolution.

    We call it our year of making things uncomfortable. It’s never a negative thing to shake things up and push yourself out of your comfort zone.

    Because even when it sucks (and french bureaucracy certainly does!), it’s still a learning experience.

    Bon courage on getting out of the box!


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