Free Wallpaper | Gratitude | By Breanna Rose

It’s a short week and apparently I’m already procrastinating. This morning I woke up, took one look at my inbox, and decided I wasn’t ready. Instead, I buddied up with illustrator and practiced going outside of my box. I have this collection of scans on my computer that I thought could be put to good use. I paired some black & white clippings with the phrase “gratitude changes everything” and bam – free wallpaper for you guys!! Feel free to download + enjoy below. Now, off to the emails.

Breanna Rose | Burn Out Recovery | Photo From Paloma Wool

After I graduated from design school, I unknowingly set myself on a path towards serious burn out, something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Day after day, night after night, I continually put myself out there, made long lasting connections, and ramped up my blogging as much as I could. All in the name of “success.” And it worked. I started getting serious clients, made more money than I needed, and quickly became addicted to my career at only 23 years old. At that point, I didn’t realize the quiet warning signs telling me to slow down. So I kept going, striving towards goals I thought I wanted for me + my business.

Then, one year ago, on just another normal day at the office (AKA, our spare bedroom), I felt a surge of pain creep up my back and move into my neck and shoulders. I brushed it off as just a “tweak,” not realizing that complete burn out was getting ready to settle in and stay awhile. For weeks, I tried pain meds, new postures, and even started going to the chiropractor, all of which only helped a little bit. They were all surface changes, when really, what I needed was a lifestyle change. But of course, I didn’t quite “get it” yet. I kept my schedule overflowing with clients while simultaneously planning a wedding, online workshop, and a trip overseas. My focus remained strong, but my body was completely falling apart. And it was 100% my own fault. I promised myself that I would slow down after our wedding, but couldn’t quite commit once the time came. I kept going going going, afraid of what it meant to slow down.