Michael and I have been toying about the idea of a little European adventure after he graduates from grad school this May. Actually, we’re more serious about this than I’m leading on, which is why I’m writing this post today. You see, I’ve never been to Europe. It’s been a dream of mine to get out there and it looks like I can finally make it happen, so why not – right??

Italy and France have always been on my “go to” list of places to visit, but Amsterdam just recently sparked my attention as well. Heck, pretty much everywhere has me interested if I’m being honest. No matter where I am – be it a small town stop during a road trip or somewhere “touristy” – I take it all in. What the locals do, eat, and where they go. I’m like a kid in a candy store. With that said, I’m here to ask for your advice. Tell me about your favorite European spots, secrets, and any advice you may have. I promise Michael and I are going to take note of it all. We can’t wait to get over there!

  1. So excited for you. I love Europe and think it makes a great travel destination. I am biased, but you’d be silly to miss out on Italy. Especially Rome and Sicily. Great food, beautiful sites, and just a crazy relaxed pace of life.

    Looking forward to hearing about your adventures!

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

    • bre says:

      Thank you! No matter what, I will go to Italy in my life and stay here for a good amount of time. ;) :) Can’t. Wait.

  2. Hey Bre! As a nomad, I can attest to how magical and wonderful traveling to Europe is. I’ve actually lived in Barcelona which is right across the border from Southern France, and it is truly a wonderful area. Completely romantic, artistic, and peaceful. The land is gorgeous and I felt like Southern France had a more relaxed European vibe. If that’s not what you’re looking for right now, I believe Paris is a must-see city for everybody. It’s cliche to say its the most romantic city in the world for a reason!

    I spent a summer in Italy once, and the Riviera is the most Mediterranean feeling of the entire country (besides Sicily). Think turquoise waters, gelato on the cobblestones, and warm salty air. A really spectacular place for beach lounging, walking and exploring all the small cafes and restaurants Italy has to offer. A more rustic vibe than So. France.

    As for Amsterdam, I’ve never been! Hopefully that’s the next destination in Europe, but if you go before me, I can’t wait to hear all about it. I can’t wait for your trip!

    • bre says:

      Ahh!! Just the way you write about these places is getting me excited. We want to for sure visit more than one place during our trip, so we’re trying to find a few destinations that make sense to travel to easily via train or cheap plane tickets.

      In Minneapolis, we have Iceland air, so it’s only $450ish ( one way ) to fly to Amsterdam from here ( with one stop in Iceland ), so we’re thinking that will be our initial stop no matter what, then go south. :) You should just come with and be a tour guide.

  3. Brook says:

    I think we have the same list of places to visit in Europe. I’m leaving for France for 6 month on January 7 (eep!) and I’m hoping to make the most of my time by taking weekend trips to other countries. I don’t have any great tips now, but hopefully I will soon!

  4. Carly says:

    Italy is simply wonderful, but I also have to recommend Amsterdam, where I have lived for the last six years. It’s a wonderful city for people who love good design and small enough to see in a few days. There are lots of hidden shops, cafés, and restaurants away from the center, but the tourist areas are also filled with charm. You can’t go wrong in a city filled with bicycles and canals. Good luck planning your trip!

    • bre says:

      Thank you! We are definitely going to fly into Amsterdam … at least we are 90% sure, ha. Iceland Air flies out of our local airport, so it’s only $450 ( one way ) to get there, which is absolutely amazing! Glad to hear about the size.

      Would you have any recommendations as to traveling by train out of Amsterdam after we’ve seen it for a few days? More specifically, would it be easier to get to France or Italy, in your opinion? We’re hoping to travel to multiple places during our trip!!

    • Kelly says:

      You can catch the fast train directly to Paris from Amsterdam. k x

    • Carly says:

      If you started in Amsterdam, I would recommend taking the train to Paris. The fast train takes only 3.5 hours and isn’t too expensive if you book ahead. From Paris, it would probably be best to fly if you’re headed to the south or Italy. Again, if you book ahead you can find reasonable flights. Half the fun of traveling is figuring out the trail and how to make connections, which is pretty simple in Europe. Good luck!

  5. briana says:

    as you know, i spent a semester in europe. i’m confident in saying that my two favorite places were venice, italy and killarney, ireland. i’m super excited for you about this! and i really can’t wait to see all your pictures. :)

    • bre says:

      Why thank you, Briana! I really really really need to get to Italy someday. AHH!! Hope you’re doing well by the way. :) :)

  6. Asia says:

    What a great idea Bre! My favorite spots in Europa hmmm… Hard to pick up! But I would say that it’s probably Berlin. The craziest city, huge, wild, full of different cultures, full of art, cafes, galleries and parks where you can have a lovely lunch. But then I also recommend Barcelona, magic and so romantic! And in the end, of course: come to Stockholm:) It’s a must have spot for design lovers (i feel really lucky to live here).
    It’s good to know that the worse (in my opinion) time to visit Europe is summer, especially the months like July and August, because tourists are seriously EVERYWHERE. Spring (April, May) or Autumn (October) are much much better.
    I’m happy for you adventure:)

  7. Stephanie says:

    Good morning! I’ve only been to Europe once and we basically spent two weeks touring around Italy (with one weekend in Madrid to visit a friend). Venice was by far my favorite spot in Italy but Florence and a few of the surrounding Tuscan towns (especially Lucca) were tied for second. The beauty of that area is breathtaking. We took a train from the Venice area down to Florence, then day trips via train to Lucca and Siena. I was glued to the windows the entire ride. Everything was so beautiful and surreal, it felt like I was in a foreign film or something. But, as much as I loved everything Italy had to offer, Madrid was pretty amazing and cool. Totally different vibe, fashion, culture, everything. We were only there for two days but it’s definitely at the top of my list for our next trip!

  8. Ally says:

    I spent a year abroad in the south-west of France, if you end up visiting the Pays Basque (which I thoroughly recommend!) then Bayonne is an absolutely beautiful town, as is St Jean de Luz. There is a train that can take you over the border into Spain for a couple of Euros, making it really easy to visit one of my favourite places ever, San Sebastian. It’s an amazing place and the food is just the BEST in the world. I hope you have fun planning your trip!

    (I stumbled across your blog the other day and I’m so glad I did, you have amazing taste!)

  9. Thea says:

    THat sounds amazing! Im from Norway, which is one of the most beautiful and serene places I’ve visited. I currently study in London though, and it’s become one of my new favorite cities, especially when you take it in from “the inside” and not as a tourist. Good luck with your travels!

  10. Noor says:

    I think its a perfect time for you all to go (pre-kids) you will LOVE it. So far my favorite places to explore have been South Asia. I can not wait to hear more about your travels and plans. You will be so inspired while you there trust me so take notebooks lol.

  11. amy says:

    it has always been MY dream to travel to europe, too! i would love to spend an entire month traveling up and down europe, if only my work would let me… please do share bits and pieces along the way… hopefully when i’ll finally get a chance, i can ask you what your favorite spots are! good luck and happy travels!

  12. Feminine 23 says:

    I highly recommend you these two websites:
    Spotted by Locals http://www.spottedbylocals.com/ and Use-it Europe http://www.use-it.travel/cities
    They are both websites focusing on travels in Europe.
    Spotted by Locals is written by locals sharing advice, places that sometime even locals don’t know of. Use-It Europe has a visual map that you can print and use at any times. They list also touristic places and local places that are not too familiar with tourists
    I always use these two when I want to travel to some cities in Europe. Even though the list of cities doesn’t cover all, I still believe it is useful and worth a look

  13. Ashley says:

    If you are going to Amsterdam, I suggest you also visit Brussels, Belgium. (And perhaps also Brugges, which is quite beautiful…I think they call it the Venice of the North or something like that). Honestly, I’ve been to many places in Europe and Brussels is one of my favorite places to visit. People are incredibly friendly, they have amazing food, and the architecture is stunning.

    As for France…Paris is pretty overrated and I’ve yet to have that great of a time. Strasbourg is rather nice. The Germanic influence on the food and architecture is interesting. If you visit, eat the spaetzle. They are also known for the Gewürztraminer, so I would recommend that as well.

    The south of France is also really beautiful. I’ve really only visited the south west, so I can’t really comment on Cannes or Cote d’Azur or anything. If you visit the south west, I recommend taking a trip to San Sebastian, Spain. The beach is really beautiful and you can enjoy tapas and sangria (and it’s just a short drive from Biarritz, France).

    Ummm…I can’t think of anything else to add to that. Good luck on your trip. When you pick an actual location, maybe readers can give you more suggestions about where to eat, shop, and stay. :)

  14. JP says:

    If you’re in Italy, I definitely recommend Venice. On a larger scale, if/since you’re going to be on that side of the world, I encourage you to make England (London, Edinburgh, and the countryside) one of your stops!

  15. Marta says:

    What an adventure it will be, Bre. Europe is so amazing. Just last summer I visited Amsterdam and if you go this is the place to stay: Hotel The Exchange. Awesome downtown location. Perfect interiors with hidden staircases. It felt like a playground :) Something tells me that your design eye will totally appreciate this place.


    • bre says:

      Holy wow, I just looked at the hotel you recommended and it’s incredibly beautiful. Right up my alley. Thank you for sharing!!

  16. Kate says:

    I’m so jealous I swear I won’t even be able to read about your trip if you post about it–I’ll have to wait until I’m actually going to Europe and then look for all your tips! My bf and I went to four countries a couple summers ago, here’s what we found:
    I loved Spain & France the best–Madrid is wonderful (Mercado de San Miguel–GO THERE. Eat olives.), and of course Aix and Paris
    Belgium and Amsterdam are EXPENSIVE–Paris has a reputation for being expensive, but it was much much cheaper than Brussels or Amsterdam
    If you go to Amsterdam, Museumplein is a really nice area to stay
    Montparnasse is a great neighborhood to stay in in Paris, since it’s somewhat central and there’s plenty of eating options (though I love le Marais and Montmartre, too)
    The metro is awesome, pretty much everywhere we went

    Geez, I’m already so jealous I’m practically planning your trip in my head!

  17. Aubri says:

    My husband graduates grad school in May too and we are going to do the same (especially before kids)! We may be there the same time! We plan to go to London, Paris, Venice, Florence and Rome (in that order) over two weeks. This will be my third trip to Europe and I’ve been to all those places except Florence. But this is a first for my husband. I’m having a BLAST planning. I can’t wait to hear more details about your trip and of course I would love to chat about it!

    • bre says:

      This is so awesome! Michael graduates in May, so we’ll be heading out probably the last week of May into the first week of June. Similar times, ehh??

      We’re the opposite of you guys. Michael has been to several European locations ( similar to where you’ve been ), but I’m the one who hasn’t. Your vacation sounds amazing! I was getting anxious about how many places we can visit in two weeks, but it looks like you guys are going to do that smoothly as ever. Hmmm …. maybe we’ll have to consider more than just 2??! xx.

    • Aubri says:

      Well darn, we will be there more the middle two weeks of May. Yes, all those cities are a bit ambitious for two weeks! I wouldn’t feel that comfortable with them if I didn’t know how to get around all of them comfortably. But I know your work ethic well enough from your blog to know your attention to detail in this trip will get you everywhere you need to be! I can’t wait to hear where you go and read/ see all about it!

  18. Julie says:

    I’m so excited for you! Europe is such a magical place. I finally got to go for the very first time in October. I’d be hoping and dreaming about going for so long, and now I’m sad it’s all over!
    I went through Ireland, to Amsterdam, then Paris and then to London. It was all a bit rushed because I don’t get much vacation time off work, but it was well worth seeing all those places. We mainly used Airbnb for places to stay and I fully recommend it. Getting to experience what it’s really like to live there it’s amazing. People have such cute (and affordable) apartments. Much better than hotels/hostels/etc. I know you’re not going to Ireland, but while there we got to see the Giant’s Causeway and boy was it gorgeous-if you get the chance, you should seriously go. Breathtakingly beautiful. Amsterdam was wonderful-we stayed right on a canal in a great apartment and were close to everything. Anne Frank museum and the Van Gogh museum are the two touristy musts, in my opinion. Beyond that, I adored Paris-such a cute/raw place. So many things to see and amazing places to eat. We stayed in Montmartre, and even though it’s a bit outside of the main “core” it’s still very busy and full of life (right by Moulin Rouge). We did a couple tours therough New Europe Tours and we really liked them. They are walking tours and you really get a feel for the city. They have a bunch of different things to offer as well-a “free” walking tour (they earn based on tips), a pub crawl night, old city tours, versailles, tour, etc. This company is in most cities across Europe!

    I hope you have an amazing trip, can’t wait to see photos and updates when you do go!

  19. Naomi says:

    Hi Bre,

    It is so much fun to plan a holiday like that, right?! I live in Amsterdam and the city is definitely worth a visit: so many lovely old houses along the canals, an just reopened big modern art museum (http://www.stedelijk.nl/), a really good photography museum (http://www.foam.org/) and lots of little design/concept stores to visit and little cafes to relax in. People who come to stay here like to sleep in one of the ‘house boats’, apparently something typically Dutch, that you can rent via Airbnb for example (like this one: https://www.airbnb.nl/rooms/44095). If you do decide to come here, I have lots more ‘local’ advice to give! Other nice places to visit in the Netherlands are Utrecht (smaller, lovely old historical town), Eindhoven (not the prettiest but has a big ‘design scene’) and little villages along the coast that you can reach from Amsterdam within an hour or two.

    If you have the time, I would definitely take 3-4 weeks if you’re here and visit a few other countries. These are some of my favorite places in Europe:
    Berlin – 5 hours by train from Amsterdam – it is such a creative hotspot, lots of really cool underground creative places and so many cute little bars & very nice clubs too, my favorite hotel there would be the Michelberger Hotel – affordable + it has lots of quirky little design details.

    Paris – 3 hours by train from Amsterdam – it has been a while since I was there but I loved the city, even though it can be touristy and busy but like any other city it comes down to knowing the local spots. I loved the Centre Pompidou – http://www.centrepompidou.fr/ – I think it is what got me hooked on modern art when I was 16.

    Italy – you can take a train from Paris or fly there, depending on how far south you wish to go. I’ve been to Cinque Terre (five little towns in the North along the coast, connected by a train line) and loved that. If you read Megan’s travel diary you’ll probably understand why: http://www.thefreshexchangeblog.com/2012/11/italy-day-three-cinque-terre/. I lived in Sicily – in the South – for a year after I finished my studies and I loved that too, it is a little more rough than the North but all the more interesting for it. It has nature (volcanoes, islands, parks) and culture (the food is amazing, the people even more).

    And other than that: Barcelona is a vibrant, exciting place to visit, Switzerland and Austria are more quiet and the nature is gorgeous (think mountains + blue lakes) and on my own personal wish list is Copenhagen which I hear is a great place to go shopping as it has all kinds of cute interior design stores & more.

    I hope you’ll enjoy the process of choosing the places you’d love to go and I’m sure that whatever you decide you’ll have a wonderful time!

  20. Difficult question – Europe in two weeks… If you can, try to stay a little longer because there are really so many different really nice places. I’ve been to most of the places mentioned here and I think you cannot do anything wrong by picking the most famous cities like Rome, Paris, Barcelona or Amsterdam. They are beautiful. If you have a little more time and would like to spend some time a little off the beaten track I´d highly recommend Berlin, too. Not only because it is my hometown but also because there you can really find some very special spots. It is less beautiful and more cool, wild and “underground” and easy to enjoy even on a smaller budget – one reason why lots of artists from all around the world have been settling down here in the past few years.
    Eastern Europe is quite an adventure, too – but if it is your first trip to Europe and you only have two weeks, maybe better on a second trip.
    Trains are very fast and reliable in northern Europe – but pretty expensive, too. In southern and eastern Europe it is more or less the opposite ;)
    If you decide to go to Berlin feel free to contact me through my blog for some more details, I’d love to help. (you could probably find a fellow blogger tourguide in every city you pick!)
    Have fun planning!

  21. Alex says:

    I second Berlin – amazing people and architecture/culture. I live in England so you need to make a UK visit! Amsterdam has a very laid back feel and the galleries alone are worth the visit. Paris is magical.

    If you do visit the UK, you should try and make a trip to the Lake District for picturesque quaint Englishness! If you want edgy, head to Brighton you would love it.

    Stockholm is another must see in Europe. Some beautiful interior and design shops and all over cool- ness, especially the people! Have fun, you can’t go wrong with many places, except you might want to avoid Prague – lovely city but lots of stag and hens parties!

  22. Linn says:

    Well as a scandinavian I LOVE Copenhagen, I think it’s a bit like Amsterdam. And also our great capital, Stockholm. It’s beautiful during spring!

  23. Kristin B says:

    Oh, just going to bookmark this and stalk everyone’s comments. Fingers crossed, I’m hoping to make my own little adventure across the pond someday soon!

  24. Natasha says:

    This is great news Bre! Spread those wings …

    I’ve been using London as a ‘home base’ for 2 1/2 years as a I squeeze in as much of Europe as possible and my biggest piece of advice in Europe is to talk to the locals, do your own research as a base – sure, but when you’re there speak to as many people as you can! Ask them where they eat, where’s a cool place to go out, what’s something special to see – and I garauntee you that they’ll be so happy and eager to help and share their local knowledge! It’s by talking to locals that I’ve eaten at the most devine little places hidden down alleys I would never have found myself or been told about secret little bars with amazing live music!

    My favourite European destinations have been Amsterdam and Copenhagen for second hand stores and cafes // the Cinque Terre on the western coast of Italy, Sienna nd Tuscany for beautiful scenery and food // Paris because, well, it’s Paris // Budapest for history, architecture and Kert bars (look them up!) // San Sebastian in Spain for Tapas and sun // Rome because around every corner is a mindblowing historical artificat you’ve only ever read about, I actually appluaded the Triveli Fountain // sailing the coast of Croatia! Oh I could go on!!

    • bre says:

      HA! I love that you applauded the Triveli Fountain. That sounds like something I’d do. I swear I would get so overwhelmed with joy in Italy mostly because of all the Art History classes I had to take back in undergrad. I was always in awe.

      Thank you so much for your recommendations. Sounds like once we decide where to go, I’ll have to write about it so we can get food recs! xx.

  25. Maskedcat says:

    As shown in the other reviews, there are so many beautiful places to see in europe …I think it will be easier to give specific advice with more information on the route.
    For my part, I have plenty of advice on the south of France! (Calanques de Cassis and Route des crêtes / porquerolles / or beautiful cities such as Aix-en-Provence, Montpellier …
    And many other things if you have any questions!
    French architecture student living in Montpellier.

  26. Netanya says:

    Hi Bre!

    So excited for you and your trip! I studied abroad in Paris and had the chance to travel to different areas of France, so I can definitely give you some advice on where to go.

    In Paris, make sure you have a picnic on the Seine (the markets and local boulangeries have great options) , eat ice cream from Bertillon, eat crêpes from La Crêperie de Josselin on 67, rue du Montparnasse (the crêpes are amazing and the family who owns are so sweet), have brunch and hot chocolate (to die for) at Angelina’s. Also, make sure you go to Versailles and rent bikes to ride all over the grounds , and check out Musée Rodin and Sainte-Chapelle (amazing glass windows). I think the greatest way to discover Paris though, is to spend time in each arrondissement. They all have different personalities!

    In the North, definitely travel to Normandy and see Omaha beach. Take a cider tour and try calvados (apple brandy). Also, you should definitely visit Mont Saint-Michel and try La Mere Poulard. They are known for their omelettes!

    If you want to go to the Loire Valley, take a wine tour and visit the numerous castles (http://www.decodedstuff.com/loire-valley-castles/). Chambord was my favorite!

    Aix-en-Provene, Orange, and Avignon are great destinations for the south of France. Nice was a little too touristy for me.

    Also, Easyjet and Ryanair are cheap options to getting around Europe. Tuesday at midnight is usually the cheapest time to buy.

    All this advice is making me want to go back now! Hopefully these tips help you in your planning! Hope you have an amazing time!

  27. Hey Breanna,

    I recommend you to visit Brussels and/or Ghent if you’re traveling from Amsterdam to South France…Amsterdam has a not so expensive train to Antwerp (which is also a really interesting city) and I guess you could be in Brussels within max. 3-4 hours. (and it’s very easy and cheap to fly further to France with Ryanair)…I’m from Belgium, and I’ve already visited Amsterdam, the South of France and Italy and they’re all beautiful to see…but if you have the time, visit Brussels and Ghent. Brussels has an Art Nouveau history with beautiful buildings, nice vintage flee markets, vibrant nightlife, Belgian comics (and all the clichés: Belgian chocolate, Belgian waffles, Belgian beer,…) and Ghent…you should come and see for yourself ;)

  28. HANNA says:

    My favourite place in Europe is Stockholm, and the whole of Scandinavia really. Such pretty, green, cool, open, beautiful cities. It is really different from the rest of Europe, and I personally love the whole “scandinavian lifestyle”. I immediately felt at home there :)
    I’ve been to Helsinki and Stockholm this summer, and I’m visting Copenhagen in January and I’ve made some city guides of my own (because i couldn’t find a decent one for Helsinki). I could always pass these to you if you’d like :)
    I would also recommend visiting Spain. Personally, I would choose it over Italy any day :) Barcelona is magnificent, Madrid is really really gorgeous. Not to mention the pretty beaches :) And the southern culture is soo warm and generous.
    And last but not least I would also recommend a visit to Belgium, specifically to Brussels and Antwerp. If you’re in the neighborhood, it would be a nice opportunity to have a quick stopover. Brussels is my city, and it’s certainly become more interesting and cooler everyday. There is a lot going on (art, fashion, design,…) and it is still not as known as other big cities, so you’re sure to disccover some original things. Since I live there I’m always willing to give you a city tour ;)

    Have fun planning your trip!

  29. Bethany says:

    If you go to France, you should check out the Chartres Cathedral. I have no idea how I would begin planning a holiday to Europe…so much architecture, museums, and landscape to behold!! After my undergrad art history classes I ended up borderline obsessed with architecture. I love seeing local gems though. And eating. I’m going to hafta pin this post just for all the comment suggestions and resources lol.

  30. Ashley says:

    A few readers mentioned Berlin, which I would have to also recommend- although I am quite biased because I live here, but it is a really unique city with lots of art. I spent a few days in Amsterdam this year and absolutely loved it. I had visited before, but this trip we stayed away from touristic areas and just walked and walked and walked. Make sure to try indonesian food, which is delicious and spicy, and high tea at Gartine was fabulous. I posted about my favorite places on my blog if you are interested: http://chasingheartbeats.com/?s=amsterdam
    And if you make it to Berlin, let me know I can send you some of my favorite places :)

  31. ali says:

    my husband and i just got back from a 3 month stay in italy. of all the places we went i really loved levanto, italy (on the riviera) and morcorte, switzerland (the swiss side of lake como, which borders italy and switzerland). in close third i LOVED rome… i’d like to die and be buried in that beautiful city.

    here are some photos from levanto… go there! http://lanengalane.blogspot.com/2012/09/levano.html

  32. Emma says:

    Portugal, especially Lisbon, is amazing. I feel like it gets left out of consideration a lot. There is so much history and culture and the city is beautiful. Also, it’s a little more “budget friendly”. But, Paris is my favorite (shocker).

  33. Alex says:

    Hi Bre!
    There are so much things to do & see here in France, i don’t even now where to start. If you wanna focus on France, you have to visit the French Riviera and Bordeaux wine region with Arcachon on the Atlantic side, oh also the Basque Country (Biarritz, St Jean de Luz). There are 3 different regions but are all so beautiful. You’ll find some adresses & pics here, to give you an idea http://stopbythecorner.blogspot.fr/2011_09_01_archive.html. But it will be a pleasure to help you if you need to organize some stuff here in France or to show you around Paris! Let me know.
    For Amsterdam, you can catch the fast train from Paris, it’s just 3h with wifi & food ( in 1st class) and you’re in the center of Amsterdam, i did it last weekend.
    As for Italy, Cinqueterre is the place to see, it’s stunning! And what about Spain? Madrid & Barcelona are so much fun to visit, it’s all about tapas, sun & dolce vita! As for me I would highly recommend Berlin, it’s my European crush, I love everything about this city, the way of living, the bikes, the cafés, the galleries, the creative spirit..everything!

  34. jaymee says:

    hi bre! my husband and i just got back from our honeymoon to italy and it was amazing! we went to tuscany, cinque terre, lake como, and florence and i highly recommend any (or all) of those places! in florence you have to stay at hotel gallery art..it is SO COOL.

    i love your blog and your work…you are so talented! have fun planning your trip!

  35. Jade Sheldon says:

    I am very blessed to say that I have been to Switzerland, Italy and France. I’ve also been to Germany and the Netherlands… but only to change planes. I would love to get to spend some real time in Amsterdam. Honestly, no matter what destination you settle on, you are going to fall in love with the beauty and culture and get a serious case of the travel bugs.

    The next place that is calling to me is Iceland. It looks absolutely breathtaking… http://andrewandcarissa.com/andrewcarissa/2012/7/26/iceland-02.html

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