Next on my wishlist is a nice winter coat. Being that I live in Minnesota, winter gets brutally cold pretty quickly around here. And to be honest, I probably have enough coats to get me through winter, but that won’t stop me from looking.

What I’d really love is a more fitted coat. All of the ones I picked out from ASOS, above, definitely fit the bill. Especially the bottom left one … it’s synched in all the right places! Plus, they’re all longer, which helps cover more ground. As for colors, neutrals always do the trick (and are safe), but a pop of red would be a welcome color in my closet – that’s for sure!!

Fun fact: it gets so cold in Minnesota that I often will wear two coats. Well, one light jacked and a winter coat on top. How sad is that? Oh well, gotta love it here!

Did you see last week’s wishlist? I talked all about a DIY desk I want to take on, here.

  1. Ahhhh I want that dusty orange coat!

  2. kelly ann says:

    Ohhhh, the bottom two are SO dreamy. That orange-brown colour is beyond.

  3. MOXEE says:

    […] the way, did you see last week’s wishlist?? I was all about fitted coats. (pendant light, wooden coasters, clock, pencil holder, ceramic owl candle, monogram mug) 0 […]

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