Michael and I stopped by Forage last night, which is literally 3 blocks away from us. I’m not sure why we hadn’t stopped by before, but it was so much fun to walk around and check out their mid-century reminiscent furniture + goodies. I wanted pretty much everything. That and a big house to put it in. Patience patience…

We then ate dinner at Parka, which is located in the same building – so we didn’t even have to go outside. Major plus!! I had their goulash. Michael had a pot roast on mashed potatoes. They were both so very hearty, filling, and midwestern at heart. I’m going back stat! OH … and I had my first “fog up the glasses” situation. You can see a better picture of my new Warby Parkers right here. I love them loads.

  1. Anne says:

    officially love those glasses on you!

  2. alicia says:

    Is that a menu on a XXL hang tag? <3

  3. Hi!!

    Ok, I’m officially stalking you now after learning you’re in Minneapolis! I live in St. Paul, but my studio is in Minneapolis just a few blocks from…. Forage!!

    AND I recently read your post that says you hope to collaborate with locals and learn to knit this year. Well, my fellow Minneapolite, I love to collaborate AND I know how to knit. Just sayin’. :)


  4. jessica says:

    those glasses are utterly adorable on you. xx

    ( the alcove )

  5. Cate says:

    Lovely glasses! Though I’m a bit biased, I wear very similar ones!

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