Have you guys seen that image in the top left of this moodboard with Jennifer Lawrence?? I’ve seen it floating around the internet for awhile and kinda fell in love. Is that weird? The collage-like combo between photography + that awesome patterns. Yikes. So good! Anyway, one of my current clients has a killer aesthetic and is ready to start a very fresh brand. I promise, it’s going to be pretty cool and I’m excited to be apart of it!

A little class, trend, and modern. Excited to get cracking on this one!

  1. Allison says:

    Do you have some of the source links for these images? I love love love that pink ‘august’…

  2. kelly ann says:

    Not weird, I’m totally obsessed with that image of Jennifer and just used it in a moodboard myself! It’s so, so pretty. And how beautiful is Michelle Williams?!

  3. SALLY says:

    that picture of jennifer is gorgeous! love the combination of the black and white with the bright floral. lovely mood board too :)

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