Last week, I worked 9 to midnight almost every day of the week – which was a real drainer, let me tell ya! And this week is shaping up to be quite similar. That’s the thing with freelance, though. You take on clients, enjoy your projects, and keep on moving forward and challenging yourself. However, you can never quite estimate just how a week is going to go. Deadlines come and go, while new things come up each and everyday on top of your to do lists. It’s my job, as a freelancer designer, to keep things afloat. I know and accept that long days like these will occur and I’ll face them head on when need be!

On top of the long days, we found out some sudden / sad family news towards the end of last week that I’d rather not get into. It’s been and will be a more difficult summer for me, but with the amazing people in my life – I know things will be okay.

I’m not here to sugar coat things or complain, but just to share what’s real and current. I’ve always had the drive to keep going. And that folks, I’ll do.

  1. Mailinh says:

    Breanna, whatever you’re going through…it will get better. Sending you hugs and happy vibes to keep you going!

  2. I heard this quote over the weekend and was an encouragement to me in my personal and work life… “You become a champion by fighting one more round. When things are toughest, you fight one more round.” -James Corbett

    Keep on going! :)

  3. Margarita says:

    Bre, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now. It’s actually on my top sites. :) I’m super excited to be working with you soon.

    Your work ethic really inspires me to keep excelling, too.

    I’m so sorry to hear about your family. My thoughts are with you!

  4. Xixia says:

    Oh no, I’m sad to hear that things are not going completely well for you. Good luck with overcoming any difficulties – I hope everything will turn out alright! Fighting! :)
    ♥ xixia

  5. Alison says:

    You are a great inspiration, to do what you love and then enjoy it even when it’s lots of hard work. God is in the quiet moments as well as the difficult times. I pray he comforts you and your family.

  6. So sorry to hear this Bre! I really admire your determination and perseverance – you’ll make it through this! xo

  7. April says:

    Sending you positive vibes!

  8. Jo says:

    Goodness, I do hope you’re ok.

    Regarding the working hours, I’m with you on that. It’s 11.30pm here at the moment and I’ve been working solidly since 9am. Same will go tomorrow I expect, and the next day, and the next… you get the idea! It’s ok though, it’ll get us to where we want to be and I am such a firm believer in hard work paying off ;)

  9. kelly ann says:

    It’s been a tough year for my family, so I totally empathize with sad family news – I’m sorry, Bre. :( Sending a great big hug your way. xo.

  10. Trina says:

    I’m sorry Bre. Life can be hard and so unfair. It’s been a hard year for my fam too. I suppose I’m learning that I’m stronger than I think. Just when I think I can’t take another step. I somehow do. Just be sure to take care of yourself and take a moment here or there just for you (a movie or something). Sending a hug your way!
    xo . trina

  11. Krissy says:

    Dude, sorry to hear you’ve had a bit of a rough go as of late! Keep on keepin’ on though; no matter what life hands you, you can make it through. Sending you many-a virtual hug. ;)

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