Yesterday, Michael and I had every intention of hanging out indoors as a winter storm came our way, but after watching my brother’s tennis match, we decided to take a walk outside instead! The neighborhoods across the bridge from us in St. Paul are absolutely gorgeous, especially when covered in snow. That’s for sure! Minnesota is a much prettier place in the winter when there’s fresh snowfall. Otherwise, we definitely have a slushy brown mess on our hands. That was not the case this weekend, so I’m glad we could get out and enjoy the thirty degree weather. Almost tropical, ehh??

And can we talk about how much Michael stands out against the white snow?? Seriously. He’s always been known for wearing bright socks and shirts. Not only that, but 90% of his jackets are bright, it’s just a Michael thing. I was pumped to be breaking in my new Sorel Boots with NEON purple laces. I can’t remember a time when my feet have actually been warm on a winter walk, so these boots have kinda sorta changed my life.

I’ll be honest, winter has been long and cold. And although my winter blues are ready for warmer weather to come our way ( hopefully sooner than later ) — I certainly appreciate just how beautiful Minnesota can be. I hope you all are staying warm wherever you are and had a good one, too!

  1. Noor says:

    You rock those glasses girl! It seems weird to see snow when I have the AC on :p

  2. Courtney says:

    I love those boots! I am not a fan of snow but maybe I’d like it if there was a snow storm and brought in lots to cover the ground. Smart idea to play outside instead of just hang indoors.


  3. i completely echo nearly everything you are saying here—i am eagerly awaiting it to be warmer, but it is my first boston winter and nemo this past weekend brought blankets of snow feet high, which has been so fun and beautiful. any other town i’ve lived in, the snow is pretty for five minutes, then gets polluted, slushy, and ugly…but here it has stayed crisp white and breathtaking. glad you and michael got out and enjoyed it a bit :)

  4. I wish people in New York would wear bright colors like Mike so we can see people walking in the snow!! We got snow too so I had a fun Saturday in the snow as well!! =) It is pretty isn’t it?

  5. Milynn says:

    Love your glasses and all of that snow! I’m from Florida, so I don’t think I would fare well in the cold, but I do like the idea of playing in that white fluff :)

  6. Lo says:

    I’ve never loved the thought of living in a snowy place, but your pictures do make it look so pretty! And your glasses are so great.

  7. Kastles says:

    I hear you about winter being long! This looks like it was fun though! And your new Sorel boots are fun!
    Have a great week! & Thanks for the Valentine’s Day wallpaper!
    <3 Kastles

  8. I need/want those boots! a little late but i figure they will last forever..going to order!

  9. Emmadime says:

    Love those mittens, wink** How’d they hold up!?

  10. Kassandra says:

    love the photos, you should keep sharing more photos with us :D

  11. Jade Sheldon says:

    It has been frigidly cold here too. Makes me yearn for summer…

  12. Laura says:

    I LOVE your glasses! And of course your work! It definitely gives me inspiration as a web developer!

  13. Holly says:

    Bre, Those glasses look so cute on you! :)

  14. alex anne says:

    loooove! the snow was super gorgeous yesterday and you two are just adorable. :)

  15. monica says:

    i love the brightness coming from michael’s outfit!
    minnesota looks beautiful.

  16. Chantelle says:

    So nice to see you two enjoying the snow! It really brings out the beauty of winter.

  17. Pink + Lola says:

    Your photos are so extremely adorable that makes me think I should have gone out after the snow fell too…

  18. loove the pops of colour!

  19. Cute! I need to see Winter more as a photo adventure instead of as everything I hate :P haha :)

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