After all the hustle + bustle of the holidays, we finally fell back into some sort of routine this past weekend. On Saturday, Michael and I ate at Wise Acre in Minneapolis for the first time. We had heard so many good things about their farm to plate menu, but just hadn’t found the time to check it out. And boy was it gooood! Plus, they have a living wall ( see first image ) which I was quickly obsessed with.

Our intentions were to also walk a couple miles around Lake Harriet, but that didn’t go as planned, woops! It’s been COLD up here in Minnesota you guys. Cold. Apparently we went two weeks without going above freezing, which is ridiculous – but normal. Ha. Instead, we walked around on the ice for about ten minutes until my feet were frozen. After, I immediately purchased these boots I talked about last week and cannot wait to try them out! What did you all do this weekend?? I hope it was a good one!

  1. lena says:

    That living wall is beautiful – I really like those cage lamps, too! Berlin was all grey and rainy this weekend, I’d love to have some of your snow instead!

  2. jen says:

    What a beautiful restaurant….and the food looks delicious! I can’t imagine having two weeks with below freezing weather. Hope your new boots are keeping you warm.

    BTW I love your hair and makeup in this post. So very pretty!

    Happy Monday.

  3. Emily says:

    Fun about Wise Acre! I’ve been meaning to go there forever and just haven’t gotten around to it yet. The living wall looks super cool!

    • bre says:

      You should go! Their dinner is pretty spendy ( over $20 a plate ) so we checked it out for brunch first. More reasonable for your first time. :)

  4. Wow, that place looks amazing! We need something like that in Missouri. I also love the last photo of you, thanks for sharing more about your personal life. I tend to follow blogs better when I can see a face behind the writing.


    • bre says:

      Thank you! I like reading when I know the face, too, so I thought this would be a good upgrade. Hopefully!! :)

  5. Noor says:

    Wow that place looks yummy. I would love to eat at a place that like. Your super cute btw Breanna.

  6. kory says:

    Oof, I have felt your pain! It’s been so cold here in Tennessee lately, and despite being under a down comforter AND electric blanket most days, I still find myself shivering. Is it too soon to start dreaming of summer?

    P.s. that restaurant looks awesome!

  7. Brandi says:

    Your weekend sounds far more exciting then mine which consisted of lazy days in bed and a few good books.

  8. Dennise says:

    Bre, you are stunning! You rock those bangs so well, lady! Minnesota is on my list of must-see states, one of these days….

  9. First off–I can’t imagine being that cold. EVER. I’m nervous for my three day stint in Salt Lake City for Alt.
    Second–you and I are clearly hair soul sistahs ;) I have the same super thick bangs…my mom cut them when I was a toddler and I’ve never had the patience to grow them out, so now they’re kind of my thing!

  10. Jamy says:

    LOVE the bang Bre! They look amazing.
    I’ve been meaning to ask–what type of instax camera do you use?

  11. JP says:

    Great photos — I love your new ‘do, haha. Send the south your snow, I’d love some!

  12. rachael says:

    that cafe looks really pretty. i love chalkboard menus in restaurants! winnipeg weather is giving us a break. nice change! :)

  13. Michelle says:

    Love that living wall near the ceiling. Makes every room feel like you’re in a forest. Great shots too! I’ve been applying lipstick as opposed to the lipgloss, and I need to share pics on my blog.

  14. That living wall is just amazing! Makes me wish I lived closer just to go see it in person.

  15. This post just gave me a serious bout of homesickness for Minneapolis! Believe it or not, after 8 years of Brussels rain, I would love a bit of Minnesota cold and snow.
    If you ever want to see the ultimate living wall, take a trip to the Anthropologie store on Regent Street in London. Gorgeous!

  16. anna says:

    Wise Acre is one of my favorites for breakfast. In the non-winter times of year, their yard is as dyno-mite as their living wall- thanks to Tangletown. It is such a calmly inspiring place.

  17. DJ says:

    Wiseacre was the first restaurant I went to when we moved to Minneapolis, and I think it’s still my favorite. I love the decor, love the food, love their creative but not too out-there twists on things (the pumpkin cider is delicious!), and I love all of the homemade extras they offer (homemade orange marmalade with the toast..yum)!

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