I’m pretty pumped – I just found out that one of my favorite collage artists is selling prints on Society 6!! Don’t worry, I’ve already bookmarked it & all so I can figure out exactly which one I want. I know I’ve shared Andrei Cojocaru’s work on the blog before ( because I’m a little obsessed ), but he’s released some gems that I just couldn’t resist showing you guys.

Which are your favorites? I’m digging the bottom two from the image below. Plus, the one above is awesome with that red dot. POP! Seriously though, isn’t collaging cool? Each piece is bound to be different and a total adventure. I wish I had a bunch of old magazines at my disposal so I could get my hands dirty and make some of my own. Hmmm … maybe a project for the future? I think so!

  1. Alison says:

    I actually love collaging (sp?) although I haven’t done it in awhile. I hate hoarding though so I am usually too quick to throw away old magazines that I might use. I like Cojocaru’s style of covering some and replacing it. It’s not just about the images themselves but what you create through a collage.

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