Ugh. Can we talk about how great this branding by Fabio Ongarato is?? I absolutely adore the simplicity in the color palette and typography. The packaging is great, too. Honestly, it makes me wanna head to Paris and eat baguettes. Let’s go? Okay!

  1. Viv says:

    So lucky to have Baker D. Chirico in Melbourne – you should see their store as well! Their bomboloni are heavenly.

    • bre says:

      I am BEYOND jealous that you’re close this. And now I just want to visit Australia very very badly!!

  2. rachel! says:

    sooo pretty. and with that yummy break? yes, plz.

  3. leela says:

    black and white and bread are all my favorite things!

  4. […] Amazing branding for a bakery.   I know where I’ll get my baguettes when I’m in Melbourne! (by Fabio Ongarato, source) […]

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