When it comes to freelancing, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be where I am today without blogging. Now, I’m not saying it’s the only way to score clients, because it’s definitely not. There’s still various ways in which you can promote yourself + your work. However, with the domination of technology, those who do not have some sort of presence online are definitely missing out. Hands down.

When I started blogging, my audience was tiny. In fact, I’m pretty sure only friends + family visited! With the combination of patience & social media, my numbers slowly-but-surely started going up as I connected with others online. With blogging, you have the opportunity to allow people to get to know who you are, not only as a person, but in work as well. How you do that is up to you, but when done right, your freelancing career can be catapulted in a big way.

At the beginning, my blog was mainly filled with inspiration – images I enjoyed & wanted to share with others. But after awhile, I decided to start sharing insight into my process as a freelance designer and snippets of my work, simply so my visitors knew what I was doing each and everyday. The point is, if your readers are not only aware of your services and aesthetics, but also feel like they know you as a person through your blog, they’ll be knocking at your door in no time.

Sure, twitter and facebook are great outlets for communicating with others, but they’re also limiting. Blogging allows you to have a blank canvas. Fill your space, communicate, share, inspire … the sky really is the limit. Have patience, play your cards right, and blogging will always be on your side.

  1. Brittany says:

    Love, love, loooove your blog Breanna! You are truly an inspiration :)

    xx -b.

  2. jaclyn webb says:

    your blog is great and it truely reflects your desgin asthetic. so pretty!

  3. Your blog is definitely chock full of inspiration – I’m really glad I found it! :D

  4. Joanna Dee says:

    Love your thoughts on blogging from a graphic designers perspective.

  5. erika says:

    Thanks for the great post! I’m starting to see just how important blogging is for a freelance designer. I never thought it really mattered but it does! It also helps when you have a killer layout, too… you’re inspiring me to take my blog to the next level!

  6. Dara says:

    Nice post! I find it especially interesting as someone who’s been freelancing for years, but just recently started blogging. It seems like having a blog can have lots of happy side effects!

  7. Mark Pyle says:

    Well said……

  8. KOPIHA says:

    Thanks for these words of wisdome. I just started my own blog today and recently started to take private Art commissions. I hope to build a rich blog such as yours.


  9. Kory Woodard says:

    This is definitely great for those of us who are really just getting our feet wet in the blogging world. I never would have thought that blogging would help me out in the long run, but it’s great to know that if I present myself correctly that I’ll move forward just fine.

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  11. Eveline says:

    Hi Breanna. I really enjoyed this post. I’m starting my career as a freelancer now and I was looking for tips and this was a great one. Could you explain the importance of social media in your freelance career as well? It would be great.

  12. sheryl says:

    I love your blog aesthetically (so gorgeous) …but the content is worth well the read too.

    I’m always a lot more inspired after visiting your blog. I really want to put more effort into blogging, thanks so much for being a motivation!

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  14. Martine says:

    Your blog is in my favorit, and i look it every day.
    I begin a blog, 4 months ago, I’m not a designer or a graphist, I work for designers and shops in free lance.
    I’would like to know, how many time to have more visibility. And the most important thing to do.
    For the moment I have 60 visits and they’arent my family.

    Sorry for my english
    Frenchs are not the best for languages

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