Last week, I talked about the importance of collaborations in the freelance world. As promised, I’m going to expand on the topic this week and talk about how to approach others with an idea & score a collaboration.

First things first : the sky is the limit. Don’t think that you can’t approach a big time designer or blogger because they have more twitter followers than you. No way. That doesn’t mean anything when you have a great idea in the back of your head! Your talent will speak for itself. If you’re dying to work with someone, why not shoot them an email? The worst they can do is say no.

Now, when you approach somebody else with an idea for a collaboration of sorts, it’s important that you present yourself well. When I made a call for guest bloggers a few weeks ago, I was most impressed when people not only sent over their developed ideas, but also included visuals. The point here is that you really need to sell yourself + your idea. People won’t show interest in your idea if you don’t believe in it yourself 100%. Be proud, back up your thoughts, get into it, and be consistent! The goal here is to open up communication. Once somebody is interested, that’s when the real collaboration grows and expands. You never know what will happen if you simply reach out and try.

In contrast, I’m a firm believer that if you are presented with an idea to collaborate, the least you can do is respond. If you’re not out of your seat excited at an idea, then maybe it’s not for you. This stuff happens – it’s natural. Not everyone can work together or be excited about the same project! Personally, I make sure that I get back to those who shoot ideas my way. It takes a lot of courage to reach out to somebody else, so give credit for that. Whether it’s a polite decline or some thoughtful suggestions, those things will always be welcomed. Try your best not to burn bridges or someone else’s spirit. We’re all human here. Be nice and carry on!

As I expressed last week, collaborations can be such a learning experience for those of us who freelance. Remember, it’s easy to get stuck in a routine when you work by yourself, so working with others will be just the thing you need to freshen things up a bit!

  1. rita says:

    thank you for this post! such a great reminder for a new blogger like myself… it’s kind of scary to reach out, but you are right, the worst that can happen is that someone says no!

  2. sheryl says:

    I’m loving these Be Free, Lance posts …so helpful and inspiring!

  3. anto says:

    Thank you once again for some great, very useful and inspiring advice.

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