I thought it would be fitting to talk a little about collaborations since I’m in the process of introducing a couple new guest columnists to the blog throughout the next few weeks! Remember when I talked about how blogging has been beneficial to my freelance business?? Well, collaboration has been huge, too.

Collaborations can be inspirational in so many ways, but here are two of the big benefits I’ve found that make teamwork extra successful in the end. First of all, you will be challenged creatively. When you work for yourself, it’s easy to get stuck in patterns or rely on one outlet as your source of inspiration. Collaborating, on the other hand, pushes you to be better, stronger, and try new things. Not only that, but you’ll learn how to think & work alongside someone else. Ultimately, you’ll grow as a creative!

And secondly, your network will expand. Technology is a beautiful thing ( that sounds cheesy, doesn’t it?? ) and the connections you can make nowadays are endless. By reaching out and working with someone else, you’re bound to meet new people along the way.

So how DO you go about collaborating with someone, then?? Well, the answer to that is a little more complicated, which is why I’ve decided to divide these posts up into two. Next week, I’ll not only be talking about how to approach someone else with an idea, but how to handle being approached yourself, too.

  1. Kate says:

    I can’t wait for this next post! I always like the idea of collaborating, but I’m not sure where to look or how to approach them. Can’t wait to hear your two cents!

  2. Cori Magee says:

    Really can’t wait for next week!… As you know I’m in the middle of a blog re-design with Jessie and trying to step up my game a little. Would love to collaborate with someone, but not sure who or how. Can we approach bloggers/designers/artists that are “bigger” than us or do we have to stay in our realm? And if so, how do we make it worth it for them? Yeah, I haven’t thought about this topic at all, LOL.

  3. Helena says:

    Can’t wait either.. Definitely want to hear more about how you handled being approached yourself, and what your thoughts were.
    That should be interesting! :) And of course the whole collaboration thing is exciting!

  4. Can’t wait for next week!!! I just started trying to collaborate with other bloggers and like Cori I was wondering if we have to stay in our realm.

  5. Nicky Willis says:

    Thanks! I’ve been inundated recently with requests for collaborations, but no idea if I’m handling them the right way! Looking forward to your post! Nix

  6. leela says:

    this should be a great article! can’t wait to read more about your collaborative process.

  7. Pati Mo says:

    I am really looking forward to reading the new columns! I love your sense of design, Breanna. And I didn’t know you lived in Minneapolis – so cool!

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