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As some of you may know, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. The kind that digs into the deepest parts of your mind + heart. I’ve been absorbing myself with new perspective, inspirational reads, and quiet time … all of which are slowly continuing to open up my eyes on how to walk that ever so fine line of work / life balance, while maintaining happiness.

A week or so ago, in perfect timing, my friend Amanda posted about the Fascination Advantage Test, which I immediately clicked on. I’m a sucker for personality assessments … isn’t everyone?? Well maybe not, but they always seem to put into words what you can’t quite get out there yourself! Now, the Fascination Test isn’t just like any other test out there. It helps you discover “the natural strengths you posses and how to apply them.” And let me tell you … it’s dead on.

Once you finish the tests, there are several videos + sections that go over your archetype ( your personality type ), how to leverage your strengths, and better your pitfalls. Upon reading my own results, I had several “AHA” moments, where I realized numerous things about myself that deep down I knew, but could never put into words. I am “The Architect,” which you can read a little more about right here ( as well as see the other 48 types ). I’ve already begun to reflect + implement many of the things I’ve learned from this test into my business and have noticed such a change in how I feel at the end of the day. That happy life / work balance doesn’t seem so impossible anymore.

My point is, don’t be afraid to have a little self reflection time. Every day. My mind gets distracted easily, so it was nice to take the test in order to help jump start the organization of my own thoughts. From there, I’ve been able to slowly gain more insight ( and acknowledge ) my personality strengths + weaknesses and make changes for the better.

And no, I wasn’t paid to write about this test. I just thoroughly believe in the research + ideas behind it, so I thought I would share … just in case others are inclined to take it, too! And if you do, feel free to share your results below if comfortable. I’d love to see what all of you are discovering about yourselves and hope to open up some sort of discussion!

  1. athena says:

    I spent the money – took the test – and yep. Mind: BLOWN. You’re right when you say that it’s spot on. Truly. And it’s better than Myers-Briggs and the Strengths Finder and all the other business hoopla, because this is about adding value. And in the creative industry – when branding is so important, and bringing value in a sea of look alikes is paramount – this test is invaluable. Turns out, I’m The Maverick Leader as my key strengths are Rebellion and Power. I’m absolutely going to leverage this idea and incorporate it even further into everything I do. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • breanna says:

      YES! I love that you took it … perhaps when we work together this summer again I can read through the PDF they give you an all that jazz to better understand you + how to bring value to your biz. :)


  2. athena says:

    I think that’s a fantastic idea – and fantastic ideas are a large part of why I think you’re so incredimazing. Can’t wait! Also: Donuts.

  3. alicia says:

    I had to take a test similar to this at work a few months ago – same AHA moment over here. There were so many things that made sense but I wasn’t actively aware of them. When sharing the results with my boyfriend he said something like “Well yeah obviously that’s you”. There were little tidbits about my personality I wasn’t actively aware of and they were spot on in describing why I am unhappy at my current job. Good eye opener. I’ve since been more aware of little things I do and how I can be happier and more productive.

  4. It is a great test, mentioned on Marie Forleo a few weeks ago. I’m a trendsetter, which sounded very flattering, but didn’t really find it terribly useful. The Myers Briggs I did many years ago seemed to have more practical applications as far as knowing my strengths and weaknesses, but if this worked better for you, then that’s great.

  5. Emily says:

    This is SO amazing and really helpful because of how it shows you to leverage your natural personality. I was not at ALL expecting to be the ‘Rockstar’ personality type but the more they described the different components, the more I had ‘aha!’ moments too. They nailed it and I can’t wait to start to apply this to my own business and approach. Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. WOW! This was right on! What an awesome tool, thanks for sharing!!

  7. The Architect is SO you! It’s crazy how accurate it can be with just a few questions.

    Even if it’s everything you already knew, it shows you how to use those natural personality traits in your business and shows you that it’s OK to use them. We’re all different and we all use different triggers in our businesses, it’s a great confidence boost :)

    • breanna says:

      Haha! Glad you think it’s me. :) How do you know so much about some of the archetypes? Do you use these with your clients and get to read through more?? I’ve been thinking about using it in the future with clients … I can see how this would be a SUPER helpful thing to get to know people better and how to direct them!

  8. Ooh I also saw this on Marie Forleo a few weeks ago and was very intrigued… this may be the extra little push I needed to go ahead and book the test! This whole year so far has been a period of deep thinking, of exploring, discovering (some might say a quarter life crisis!) – but I think it’s so important to allow time for that to happen.

  9. Maddy says:

    Had to do it. I’m the Intrigue!

    • breanna says:

      LOVE it. And from what I know of you so far, The Intrigue seems very you!! We share the “mystique” attribute. :)

  10. Brianna says:

    cool! Very interesting, I would like to try this sometime! :) also — my name is Brianna Rose…so weird!

  11. I did it! I’m The Talent.
    Which means that my dormant trigger is Mystique! Something you clearly have an abundance of. Amazing how we can all use our strengths and weaknesses differently, eh?

    PS. I’m with you on all this, I’m a bit of a reflection junkie too. Clear mind, clear life and all that. xo

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  14. Aaron says:

    I’ve never heard of this one before! I’m a self-typing/personality/psychology fanatic, so I’m into anything that falls into that category. Have you ever heard of the Enneagram? I’ve been studying it since high school (over 13 years now..geez) and I even blog about it with my partner. Pretty good stuff – you should check it out if you haven’t already! Here’s a link to our blog if you’re interested:

  15. Noor says:

    How cool! I am also a sucker for test like this.

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  17. Sarah says:

    I’ve been super introspective lately, so when I read this post I had to take it. And well, WOW! It so aligns and confirms a lot of (new) things I’ve been discovering about myself. The report gave me so many AHA moments! Thank you so much for sharing! Can’t wait to put the insights into action. Using the test with clients is such a great idea too- for them and for you! I’m an Intrigue BTW. Interesting that another commenter here was one. In the report it said only 4% of participants are intrigues. You must attract those mystique types :)

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