Let me tell you a little story that happened earlier this week while on vacation. My goal for this trip was to relax & only check in with work to keep up with emails at night. Luckily, that wasn’t a problem and I definitely enjoyed myself with some ( needed ) time off. However, on the second to last day, I woke up feeling instantly stressed out, checked out my morning email, and found that something suddenly set me off. Honestly, I’m not quite sure what it was, but a domino effect of panic followed.

When you start off freelancing, chances are – you’re on your own. You have to manage everything from marketing + promoting yourself, to art directing & following a project through start to finish. Businesses with more employees have different people working on all of these tasks instead of putting all the pressure on one individual. With that said, creatives working for themselves have to tackle a never ending to-do list on a daily basis which can be quite overwhelming at times.

Normally, this isn’t a problem. Those who choose to freelance often have the drive and motivation to tackle all of these different tasks and challenge themselves every single day. However, these same people are also human. I guarantee you every single freelancer out there has had a day or two where the world seems to come to a stop and they immediately question what it is that they’re doing. Has it happened to you?? Guess what … you’re not alone. Plus, you’ll move on. I promise!

After my mini morning freakout, I chose to talk things through with Michael and got absolutely everything I was thinking out in the air and let my stream of consciousness fly. He quickly pointed out that half of the things I was saying were silly or no big deal. In the midst of it all, I simply didn’t notice. We dissected other thoughts as I quickly wrote down a list of goals I wanted to accomplish in the near future. It’s kind of like counting slowly down from 100. As you process all of your thoughts, you’ll begin to feel a lot calmer when you get to zero.

The purpose of this particular post is to remind those of you who are already freelancing that it’s okay to lose it every once in awhile. It’s a huge task running a solo business and not everything will go as smoothly as you want it to. Chances are, however, that these mini panic sessions will fuel motivation like none other. And that, my friends, is the beauty of it!

  1. Great post, Bre! I’m not even freelancing full-time yet but I’m already losing it all the time. ;) glad I’m not alone!

  2. Cori Magee says:

    Right there with you Colleen!… I’ve been freaking out lately just trying to organize myself, juggling blogging/freelance/9-5!
    Thanks Bre!

  3. anto says:

    I’m so happy you wrote about this. I recently got a bit overwhelmed with a lot of work and felt the same way. It’s nice to know it happens to others as well.

  4. natalie s says:

    You are doing an amazing job and it shows through all of you beautiful work! let yourself off the hook a little. Great honest, raw post!


  6. Jen says:

    LOVE this post, Bre. I have been “losing it” a lot lately trying to find balance in my work/personal life. It’s refreshing to know that I’m not alone. Keep up the fabulous work, lady! Cheers!

  7. great post! I’ve reached that point many, many times. it’s stressful but you will get past it. I’ve had to take a five year hiatus from my business due to family issues. a single mom, business, and a teenager… is a lil much for me right now. not to worry, after he graduates… I’ll be gladly feeling this stress on the regular. :) happily managing what I love!

  8. Jane says:

    HA! I totally had a very similar experience while visiting family in Portland. The second to last day I totally lost it and locked myself in my room frantically writing emails and crying at the same time. I thought I was going crazy for sure!! Love this post!

  9. Angela says:

    This is exactly what I needed to read this morning, Bre! Thanks for keeping it real.

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