Last week I talked about just how beneficial blogging can be to a freelancing career. And although I subtly touched on social media, that’s a huge piece to the puzzle, too, so I thought I’d expand a little more!! The thing is, having an online presence is more than just putting all your eggs in one basket. Not everyone uses facebook anymore while not everybody may enjoy twitter as much as you do. Every single person is different, so it’s important to realize that you need to expand your presence in order to reach a larger audience.

Let’s get real. I remember when twitter first started gaining popularity and I thought to myself “I’m never going to use this. No way.” And then … probably two weeks later, I found myself signing up & my friends making fun of me for it. You see, I saw an opportunity to reach a new audience, despite not feeling comfortable with “tweeting” yet. Fast forward a couple years and you’ll find that I have my twitter tab open the ENTIRE day so I can keep tabs on what’s going on. And beyond that, I’ve met countless designers + bloggers who are doing what I’m doing, so a sort of network has been formed.

And then you have facebook. It may appear that it’s lost a little sparkle as of late, but that doesn’t mean that you should shut it out, too. I’ve found that facebook is a great way to share blog posts, photos from your everyday life, and behind the scenes snippets. By having an extra surprise over there, you’ll find that people are interested and will want to stop by.

I’ve always thought of twitter + facebook’s purpose in similar ways : to share content, insight into your work, and snippets into your life ( whatever you’re comfortable with ). But let’s not forget other sites like Linkedin and Pinterest. There’s something for everyone and everything nowadays, right?? My point is, try them out and see what you like. Although I barely use it, I enjoy having Linkedin for professional reasons + references. After all, you never know what sort of client you’re going to be working with. In other world outside of us creatives, it’s as good as required to have a linkedin. Don’t miss out! And then pinterest, which many freelance creatives use, is a great way to share what inspires you.

The thing is, I haven’t even began to scratch the surface. New social media websites pop up what seems like everyday, but don’t let that overwhelm you. Do your research, try things out, and only do what is comfortable to manage for you. I stick to the things mentioned above ( as of right now ), but have definitely given others a try. Technology will always be changing and it’s important for us to be okay + accept that change. Who knows, one year from now, there may be a new super power in the social media world. Technology is crazy-cool in the way that it expands everyday. Use these tools to your advantage and find that you’re business will grow!

  1. Absolutely! I personally love being able to see little things that my favorite bloggers post on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. that I wouldn’t normally get to see if I ONLY read their blog. It helps readers to feel like they have an even more special connection with you, too, almost like you’re friends. I don’t know about you, but I’d be 10 times more likely to buy something a ‘friend’ recommends than a stranger (if you’re ultimately trying to sell something with your blog).

  2. KOPIHA says:

    Thank you for this article. I am starting up my blog and have started to rely on Twitter and Instagram to spread my Art work and name. I never thought that I would be Tweeting, but here I am.

  3. Big thank you for this post. i also never thought i’d be tweeting, but every since i started my blog, i realized how important it is, such a great networking tool.
    x kat

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