I was told more than once to read the New York Times article entitled The Busy Trap. The sad part is that every time I started reading through it – an email would pop up or I’d feel like I had too many things to do at the time to even finish. Finally, a couple nights ago, I crawled into bed and proceeded to re-read through everything and actually finish it. Not only that, but I sat there thinking about what I had read for a solid hour before I could fall asleep. It definitely got my mind working!

I’ve spent the past year and a half being … busy. Really busy. Part of this has to do with the fact that I wanted my own business to be successful and grow in the future, but also because I allow myself to keep working more than I should on a given day. Of course hard work and dedication is essential to freelancing, but how much is too much? I’ll admit that I can’t keep up my pace for much longer, simply because it’s not healthy. I’m to a point in my work where I finally feel stable in what I’m doing when it comes to clients and future projects, so relaxing a bit is something I definitely feel comfortable with. The following passage stood out most to me in the NY Times article :

“I suppose it’s possible I’ll lie on my deathbed regretting that I didn’t work harder and say everything I had to say, but I think what I’ll really wish is that I could have one more beer with Chris, another long talk with Megan, one last good hard laugh with Boyd. Life is too short to be busy.”

This couldn’t be more true. Although it’s a little weird to think about one’s deathbed, I know for a fact that I won’t be thinking to myself “I wish I worked with so and so on that huge branding project!” No way – not at all. My life has always felt much more fulfilling / rewarding when I’m around those I love most, simply enjoy the day. I hope to enjoy many more experiences, travel more, and live a less rushed life in the near future. It’s definitely hard NOT to be busy, especially in our fast paced world, but I’ll get there. Promise!

  1. Stephanie T. says:

    Yup…this article got me too. I think it really made the rounds. It’s truly time to reflect and make some changes….for better balance. Life is truly too short to be busy.

  2. Cassie says:

    Thanks so much for posting this. I needed to read that article as I feel I’m at a breaking point on the “too busy” scale. I’m going to be sure and pass along the link to the article. :)

  3. Jonna says:

    The same thing happened to me with that article, it stayed in my tabs for quite a while and then I finally just read it and felt super guilty. It really is an eye opener!

  4. Funny… this article was emailed to me, posted to my FB wall and tweeted at me … trying to take it all in stride and eliminate the words “too busy” from my vocabulary. Being too busy is a conscious choice; we must work to create balance which is always the preferred natural state.

    Much love for your honesty about keeping up the pace.

  5. Ranu says:

    So true, Bre! It’s good to keep things in perspective. I need to read that article. I’ve been loving all of your work so far, so keep up the great work, but make time for yourself too :)

  6. c says:

    that was a great read, thank you for the link!

  7. twiggs says:

    definitely a good read, i had read that as well, and got me thinking about how busy we get ourselves, how necessary it feels and how sometimes it’s such a trap! stopping what we’re doing to grab a longer lunch with a friend won’t do any harm in our world. i guess this is also a thing about those who freelance, we’re afraid that work will end at some point, so we’re not allowed to stop. and on the other hand we are pushed to say that we’re busy because it definitely feels important and a bit of successful tasting. if we’re busy, we’re working, if we’re working and we’re freelancers, so that’s a good thing!

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  9. Ana says:

    I feel like I should be grateful for being busy, and I am.

    I hope I get where you now stand, being able to relax about clients and future projects, but for the time being, with the job market being what it is… I’m glad I can say I’m busy today.

  10. Erin Jane says:

    love this. thanks for sharing! definitely going to read this article tonight!

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  12. Pat says:

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