One of the best things about freelancing, in my opinion, is the freedom that comes along with it! You get to decide what you wear to work. When you work. What jobs you take. And one of the best parts : where you work, which is exactly what I want to talk about today. I mean just think about it … when you control all these things, you could literally work from anywhere. The sky IS the limit! Although there are a ton of options out there, I’m going to keep things simple today by comparing a home office versus a studio space somewhere else, which is where most beginning freelancers start out.

Let’s start out with your very own home sweet home. Many people opt to work at home right away, simple because you don’t have to rent out a new studio space. Let’s face it, your house is pretty convenient in the start! More pros : there is no commute (gas prices suck, right??), everything is at your fingertips, you decide how things work, and quiet + personal space is pretty valuable. And the cons : there are few people around to bounce ideas off of, distractions (oh hey, television!) are always around, and it can be hard to separate work from home.

Other people choose to rent out studio space, either private or shared. Often times, people need that separation of work and home to begin their day. Others just like being surrounded by people! So here are some pros : home and work remain divided, other people are often around (social inspiration!), and you have a larger space to be creative in. And some cons : depending on where you are, it can be a louder atmosphere, you may have less privacy, and traffic in the morning is always a downfall.

But when it comes down to it, working at home or an outside space depends on your personal preference. Are you somebody who likes being social and surrounded by others? Or do you get more work done in a quieter environment? The thing is, some of my pros listed may be cons to others, and visa versa. It all comes down to how YOU work best. After all, you shouldn’t put yourself in a work space that won’t be beneficial to your career! Follow your gut – you know yourself best.

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  1. Kate says:

    This totally hits home for me! Our apartment is teeny, but wherever we live next I’ve already decide must have a second bedroom for me to make an office/ studio space.

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