Caroline Petters is a fabulous Colorado based photographer who does everything from fashion / portraiture to weddings and everything in between. As soon as I saw her work – I knew I had to share it with you guys. The tones are absolutely beautiful, compositions are spot on, and her aesthetic is always cohesive. Honestly, I’m a fan! You can see more of her work right here. And seriously, please do … there are tons more where these beauties came from!!

  1. Jamy says:

    Stunning Bre. There is so much depth. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ergo-Blog says:

    Wow, how pretty her photographs are!

  3. Camila says:

    There is so much soul in those images, it’s amazing.

  4. grace says:

    Wow, her images are amazing-a story in each one of them. definitely breathtaking, thanks for sharing !

  5. Ciara says:

    Glad you like her! She is such an awesome lady!

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