Whatever Will Be, Will Be | Photos for A Piece A Part

There’s this nagging question that’s been coming up over and over again in my head lately. What do I really want? For years, I’ve been following this meticulously carved path that I created myself. Start my own business, check. Make money, check. Buy a house, check. Do all of these other various “important” things, check. But is it what I really want? Maybe. Maybe not. I know this all sounds pretty vague and possibly dramatic (ha), but change is inevitable in this little thing called life. For all of us. I mean, don’t get me wrong … I absolutely LOVE my job and am grateful that I get to help other creatives tell their own unique stories. But sometimes, the very path that I carefully laid out myself, and the push for “success,” wears me out a little too much. And that’s the part that has me looking around + longing for some sort of shift.

Be Free, Lance | Freelancing Workshop

After months upon months of planning, the Be Free, Lance website is finally live AND registration is now open! Up until this point, we’ve kept most of the nitty gritty details a secret (unless you’ve been a part of our weekly newsletters), so it’s exciting to finally have everything out in the open for those of you who are interested. Be Free, Lance is an online workshop (run by myself and Jen Serafini) for creatives who want to tackle freelancing in some way, shape, or form. Because at the end of the day, becoming your own boss is entirely attainable. Our workshop is structured for all creatives, so it doesn’t matter if you’re already freelancing, just starting to think about it, or are somewhere in between. Below, you’ll see a small snippet from our website describing what’s all included in the course!

Be Free, Lance | Freelancing Workshop

This four week workshop will be held online and include ten digestible lessons, worksheets, interviews, podcasts, insight from each of us, a Q&A session, and an exclusive members only Facebook group. The cost is $220 (or two payments of $115) and registration will only be open for two weeks. Do note – the actual course doesn’t begin until January 12th, right in time for the New Year and after the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season! If interested, feel free to head on over to our website to learn more and sign up. We’ve put a lot of time and love into this workshop and hope to see you there. :)

Be Free, Lance | Do I need a blog?

I got an email the other week from a reader, asking whether or not she truly needed a blog to promote her work and become a successful freelancer. Two years ago (heck, even one year ago), I would have said “Yeah, it’s probably a good idea.” But now? Well, things have changed. Visually driven social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram allow users to quickly and efficiently showcase all aspects of their creative lives, whether it’s promoting new work, curating a pinboard, or sharing behind the scenes action. At the drop of a hat, creatives can put their work (or style) directly in front of an audience without ever drafting a lengthy blog post. And that’s a big plus for some!

Truthfully, blogging is not essential for success within the world of freelancing. Nowadays, you can build the same kind of audience (if not bigger + faster) on Instagram, where everyone seems to be hanging out. Same with Pinterest! So where does that leave us with blogging? Well, that one is totally up to you. Blogging is a powerful medium that allows creatives to dig deeper and share more. But if you’re not feeling it, don’t worry! You don’t need a blog in order to have a big impact. By focusing on social media and utilizing these visual platforms to your advantage, you can still share your work to an interactive audience. It’s just a little bit different, that’s all! Consider where you’ll be more efficient and go for it. Because at the end of the day, it’s never a bad idea to put yourself out there and see what happens. :)

PS. Exciting news! The Be Free, Lance workshop is coming along and we’re SO close to launching! Tomorrow, we’ll be sending out a special newsletter that finally reveals when registration opens. So if you’d like to hear about it first, make sure you subscribe on our home page. See ya there!