Be Free, Lance - Launch Before You're Ready

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from running my own business, it’s the importance of getting yourself out there and in most cases, launching before you’re ready. But let’s back track for a second because stories are fun. ;) When I was younger, I would carefully pick out my clothes the evening before a regular school day. Then, I’d get my breakfast bowl and cereal box of choice prepped so that the next morning would be as seamless as possible. But oftentimes, I’d wake up, put on the outfit that was previously (and carefully) chosen, scoff, and go back to the drawing board. Ten tries later, I’d settle on something, go upstairs, and decide that I wanted toast, not cereal. Seamless? Not so much. Yet I followed this routine day after day, seeking perfection and ease.

Years later, I’m still very much a planner at heart. But a (flexible-ish) one. Starting my own business quickly taught me the importance of putting yourself out there, imperfections and all. It’s from there that we we grow, learning along the way that it’s okay to make mistakes and change course. Take Be Free, Lance for example. Jen and I had high expectations from the very beginning of creating a space for creatives to learn and grow on their own journeys as freelancers. We worked hard, gathered all that we knew, and presented everything in this neat little package. But we also understood that it wouldn’t be perfect, either. Our website wasn’t (and still isn’t) responsive. There were probably a few spelling errors (oops). Or little bits of information missing that we just didn’t think about. But we launched anyway, knowing full well that we were proud of what we’d put together and ready to help freelance creatives.

During our launch 5 months ago, I remember being SO excited to take the first 135 workshop attendees through our course, eager to hear their response and provide feedback that would help guide us in growth. And that’s exactly what happened! We were able to pinpoint certain areas that needed expanding, hone in on our niche (designers), and spent a couple months improving the course all around, a pattern that EVERY creative goes through, no matter what talents they’re sharing with the world. So what are you waiting for? Put yourself out there and SEE what happens. Hard work, an open mind, and authenticity above all pays off, I promise.

PS. I have such an exciting offer for you guys! Today, we launched the new Be Free, Lance website and next Monday, we’ll be opening up registration for our second BFL workshop. But because you guys are awesome, we wanted to share a sneak preview of the course with those of you who sign up for our newsletter. Plus, our subscribers also get a discount on the course, so it’s a good place to be. ;) See ya there?

Whatever Will Be, Will Be | Photos for A Piece A Part

There’s this nagging question that’s been coming up over and over again in my head lately. What do I really want? For years, I’ve been following this meticulously carved path that I created myself. Start my own business, check. Make money, check. Buy a house, check. Do all of these other various “important” things, check. But is it what I really want? Maybe. Maybe not. I know this all sounds pretty vague and possibly dramatic (ha), but change is inevitable in this little thing called life. For all of us. I mean, don’t get me wrong … I absolutely LOVE my job and am grateful that I get to help other creatives tell their own unique stories. But sometimes, the very path that I carefully laid out myself, and the push for “success,” wears me out a little too much. And that’s the part that has me looking around + longing for some sort of shift.

Be Free, Lance | Freelancing Workshop

After months upon months of planning, the Be Free, Lance website is finally live AND registration is now open! Up until this point, we’ve kept most of the nitty gritty details a secret (unless you’ve been a part of our weekly newsletters), so it’s exciting to finally have everything out in the open for those of you who are interested. Be Free, Lance is an online workshop (run by myself and Jen Serafini) for creatives who want to tackle freelancing in some way, shape, or form. Because at the end of the day, becoming your own boss is entirely attainable. Our workshop is structured for all creatives, so it doesn’t matter if you’re already freelancing, just starting to think about it, or are somewhere in between. Below, you’ll see a small snippet from our website describing what’s all included in the course!

Be Free, Lance | Freelancing Workshop

This four week workshop will be held online and include ten digestible lessons, worksheets, interviews, podcasts, insight from each of us, a Q&A session, and an exclusive members only Facebook group. The cost is $220 (or two payments of $115) and registration will only be open for two weeks. Do note – the actual course doesn’t begin until January 12th, right in time for the New Year and after the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season! If interested, feel free to head on over to our website to learn more and sign up. We’ve put a lot of time and love into this workshop and hope to see you there. :)