jardin du luxembourg / photos by em the gem

During our trip to France, one of my past clients Emily Scott ( Em the Gem ) happened to be in town as well! SO, we decided to meet up ( along with her husband ) at the Jardin du Luxembourg for a little picnic. Michael and I were running late, of course, so all we managed to grab were some baguette sandwiches before arriving. Emily and Aaron, on the other hand, stocked up on meats, cheese, cookies, and macaroons to share because they rock. The treats were amazing and it ended up being the perfect little picnic. Plus, it’s always nice to meet a client in person, since most of mine are scattered all over the place. Emily truly was a gem!

jardin du luxembourg / photos by em the gemjardin du luxembourg / photos by em the gem

And of course, since Emily is a photographer – she snapped pictures along the way with her cool film camera that I was super jealous of on the inside. She even had Michael and myself pose in front of the camera, which we honestly are not used to. BUT, it definitely was fun to receive a fun package of photos from her from our time in the Jardin. It’s something special we can keep. Oh Paris, I miss you.

jardin du luxembourg / photos by em the gem

A big thanks to Emily for all of the above photos. I didn’t take out my camera at all ( woops ), so I’m glad you were there to capture this beautiful place. It was fun – cheers!!

versailles, france / by breanna roseversailles, france / by breanna roseversailles, france / by breanna rose

The last batch of our photos from France are of Versailles. On one of our last days there, we took the train down to this beautiful place that I was SO excited to see. Not gonna lie, the idea of walking around on these famous grounds made me feel really cool. Like I was royal or something, which definitely isn’t the case. Oh well, one can pretend – right!?? It was a sunny day, so the architecture and gardens were extra pretty. And despite the heat, this ended up being one of my favorite parts of the trip! Hands down.

versailles, france / by breanna roseversailles, france / by breanna rose

The best part ( in my opinion ) of the palace is the Hall of Mirrors. It’s a long room filled with chandelier after chandelier and walls lined with mirrors. I couldn’t help but imagine the kind of parties they had back in the day. Extravagant, to say the least. It felt totally magical and unreal to me. Pretty much every room gave you that feeling, especially seeing how they set it up.

versailles, france / by breanna roseversailles, france / by breanna roseversailles, france / by breanna rose

And of course, we can’t forget about Marie Antoinette. I took a picture of my feet because I decided that she probably walked there, too. Cheesy, but I had to do it! Plus, there were these cute little cottages on the grounds that literally dropped you into fairytale land. Trees, gardens, and brick buildings were all scattered about just perfectly. I want to go back, that’s for sure!

So there you have it, all of our photos from France, officially finished! I’m glad I shared them over a few weeks instead of all at once, just to relive the adventure again. I can’t believe it was already a month ago. This summer is seriously flying by. But isn’t that how life goes?? Let’s enjoy it!

nice, france / by breanna rosenice, france / by breanna rosenice, france / by breanna rose

On our second day in Nice, we took a bus along the coast towards Menton, France. We passed through all of these small hillside towns ( OH, and Monaco – which is super luxurious ) and I fell more in love. The fact that everything around here looks so unlike anything we’re used to at home is what got me most. All you can do is take it all in and enjoy as you go, which we certainly did.

nice, france / by breanna rosenice, france / by breanna rose

The bulk of our time was spent climbing steps, traversing the coast, and continually eating pastries + baguettes along the way. I actually got scolded for taking the below photo, which was an interesting experience. I didn’t understand what they were saying, but could tell they were upset that i had my camera out. This was in a smaller town, so perhaps they aren’t used to that kind of thing?? Such a bummer, though, because it was one of the cutest P√Ętisseries we visited during our entire trip!!

nice, france / by breanna rosenice, france / by breanna rose

And that’s a wrap for our trip along the Mediterranean! After three days in Nice, we took a five hour train ride back up to Paris to finish up our trip, which included Versailles. Can’t wait to share more from that day trip with you all, it was so surreal.

france-5-1nice, france / by breanna rose

It’s hard for me to pick a favorite part of our trip, but I loved Nice, France much more than I expected to. It was hands down one of my favorite spots, right along the Mediterranean Sea. The first thing we did in Nice was to hunt down an Italian restaurant, not only because we were craving pasta, but because Italy is only forty minutes away. The thing with traveling is that sometimes, you just have to pick the first restaurant you see instead of trying to figure out where exactly to go. Luckily, Giuseppe Pepino was close by in Garibaldi Square, where our apartment was. And guess what?? It was some of the best Italian food I’ve ever had. Our evening was filled with bread ( of course ), wine, noodles, and street performers.

nice, france / by breanna rosenice, france / by breanna rose

We were told by countless people to try out Fenocchio gelato in Old Town Nice, and it did not disappoint. In fact, we had gelato there at least twice every single day — rain or shine. They have so many flavors that it is almost paralyzing to choose, especially when you don’t know what all the labels mean. But if you ever do get a chance to try Fennochio, my recommendation would be their Amaretto flavor. Oh boy, a scoop of that with some vanilla bean. I’d have that again in a heartbeat!!

nice, france / by breanna rose

Besides amazing food, we once again did a whole lot of walking throughout Nice. The town is definitely smaller than Paris, so our two days there was just right. Everything was much less crowded and felt like a nice change of pace. Plus, the buildings were really fun, sporting pastel colors and built into the hills. It’s a different kind of life down along the Mediterranean, slow and relaxed. I’m so happy we got to see a little bit of it and I sure hope we can make it back someday.

nice, france / by breanna rosenice, france / by breanna rosenice, france / by breanna rose

Because I quickly became obsessed with Nice and the coast, I have a few more photos I want to share with you guys in a few days time. If you ever have the chance to go to Southern France, please do it. We only saw bits & pieces, but know there is so much more down there to be seen!

france / by breanna rosefrance / by breanna rosefrance / by breanna rose

Here are some more photos from our trip to France in a sort of mish-mash. These are the last batch I have from Paris, specifically, so I wanted to make sure I shared them all! Michael sure wore those sunglasses ( above ) all the time, ehh?? I think he’s in love with him. I’ll keep this short + sweet, just know that Nice and Versailles are up next! Some of my favorite places that I cannot wait to share.

france / by breanna rosefrance / by breanna rose

Until next time, Paris. You take care and I promise I’ll be back again. I just can’t stay away from those pastries everywhere. Well that AND all of your cute little spots. Minneapolis ( home ) has my heart, but man — it’s nice to insert yourself into something completely new every now and again.