Breanna Rose | Honeymoon

We’ve been back from our honeymoon for almost a month now, and I feel absolutely horrible for not sharing any photos on the blog yet! The truth is: I’ve been focusing on a lot of personal projects (Rowan Made & Be Free, Lance included) as of late, which is why things have been slower over here. And since I still don’t have our vacation photos downloaded (I KNOW, what??) from my camera, I thought I’d do a quick instagram roundup of some of our favorite moments …

Here We Go | Breanna Rose

If I’m being completely honest, this summer has been a rollercoaster ride. From breaking down over a bowl of cantaloupe ( that happened ) to experiencing the full on bliss of our wedding day, my emotions have been all over the place, to say the least. Sure, I’ve kept my hat on and done my job — but I’ve also been quietly + steadily battling an influx of anxiety, stress, and unsettledness. The busy lifestyle I’ve created for myself is no longer sustainable and I’m truly ready to begin pulling back. At least I think so! Change is hard, and I’ve fought it for months, but today marks a new journey … one that I’ve been waiting for. At 7:30 this evening, Michael & I will be getting on a plane to Europe for our honeymoon, where we’ll have two weeks full of delicious food, long walks, and uninterrupted adventures.

I’m more than ready to relax. Explore. And do everything in between, too! Things will be a little quiet here on the blog ( minus a few scheduled posts ), but I promise to share updates over on instagram if you’d like to follow along. And when I return, it’s time to kick those excuses of mine to the curb. For real. :) Cheers to learning, growing, and putting yourself first. ♥

European Destinations

We’re headed to Amsterdam, Belgium, and France & in search of some recs!!

Michael and I knew that we wanted to head overseas for our honeymoon, but had such a tough time deciding WHERE we actually wanted to go. We circled around New Zealand, Italy, Germany, France, and a good portion of Northern Europe, too. But in the end, we decided that we didn’t want to be traveling around TOO much, and ended up creating a fairly simple route that we’re pretty pumped about. Our two week journey begins in AMSTERDAM, where we’ll spend a solid four days adventuring around all of the canals and doing who knows what. Neither of us have been there, so we would love to hear your favorite places to visit + things to see! We’re also thinking about a day drip out of Amsterdam, but aren’t settled on where yet. Any ideas!?

Next, we’ll take a train ride down to GHENT, BLEGIUM. There are so many cities in Belgium that were recommended to us, but Ghent won our hearts with it’s smaller feel … while still having all of the big city amenities, too. We’re thinking of possibly day-tripping out from here, too. Bruges, perhaps? It’s almost impossible to choose. HELP?