Mixtape | Turn It Around

I’ve been collecting a random playlist in spotify for awhile now, entitled “feel good / get going.” It’s something I love listening to when I need a little pump me up during a long week, which has been happening a lot as of late. I probably won’t be sharing many mixtapes on the blog anymore since the archive is rather large, so I thought I’d go out with a bang!! This is one of my favorites. Lots of fun tunes that’ll make your day just a bit brighter. :) Feel free to listen below + enjoy! Happy Monday by the way. Let’s DO THIS.


01. “Atomic Man” — Portugal. The Man
02. “Record Collector” — Lissie
03. “Upside Down” — Paloma Faith
04. “Chandelier” — Sia
05. “Artifice” — SOHN
06. “3:16am” — Jhene Aiko
07. “Turn It Around” — Lucius
08. “Breathe Me” — Sia
09. “West Coat” — Lana Del Rey
10. “Broken Promise Land” — CLAIRE
11. “Don’t Wanna Dance” — MO
12. “Habits ( Stay High )” — Trove Lo
13. “Gooey” — Glass Animals
14. “Elastic Heart” — Sia, The Weekend, Diplo

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Mixtape | Fall at Your Feet

I’ve been collecting music for this mixtape for awhile now and am pretty excited to share it with you all! Not gonna lie … it definitely got me through last week when I was feeling more exhausted than usual. It includes a lot of new stuff I’ve been into lately and is perfect for a morning jump start, if the slow key stuff isn’t cutting it for you on this Monday morning. Plus, Marina and The Diamonds ( two songs of theirs on this mix ) are pretty fun – can’t believe I hadn’t really heard them before. Feel free to listen + enjoy below … and cheers to a fresh new week!!

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01. “Paris” — Magic Man
02. “Heart Of Nowhere” — Noah And The Whale
03. “Like A Stranger” — Bodies Of Water
04. “Mowgli’s Road” — Marina And The Diamonds
05. “French Navy” — Camera Obscura
06. “Fall At Your Feet” — Boy & Bear
07. “Hunger Song” — The Middle East
08. “Civilian” — Wye Oak
09. “Money Grabber” — Fitz And The Tantrums
10. “Lament” — Mount Moriah
11. “Hermit The Frog” — Marina Ant The Diamonds
12. “As If By Magic” — La Roux

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Mixtape | This Is The Sound | Breanna Rose

After many months of thought + continuing preparation, I’m ready to share a little ( BIG ) secret with you guys. You may think it’s weird that I’m choosing to tell you on a mixtape post, but I promise … there is meaning. For about a year now, I’ve had this never ending urge to take my business to the next level. And I know that sounds a little cliché because as creatives, we’re always wondering what’s next and making plans on how to move forward in the best way possible. But this time, I felt stuck. It’s always been a dream of mine to own my own business, and in a way, I’m doing that just fine, solo. But then it occurred to me : I need to create a base. A base that will allow me to expand in the future beyond just myself and my own name. 2014 is the year that I will launch my own studio with a completely new identity.

Not too much will change right away. I will continue working as I have been, as a freelance designer. There will be a new name ( it’s still a secret – sorry!! ) and a refined process, but my passion + niche will remain the same. I’m not sure when I will officially launch, as there is still much to do, but I promise you will be the first to know as it develops. This is my dream and I want to set the stage in the right way.

So that brings us back to this mixtape. Before I even created the moodboard for this project, I started a new playlist on Spotify entitled “brand.” There wasn’t a name yet, only a feeling I wanted to achieve. This mix expresses the brand experience I am hoping to create. It’s for a drive up north to the woods, filled with inspiration and forward movement. Feel free to listen + enjoy via the links below! I promise I will share much more in the coming months.

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