M.Cruz Branding Process | Rowan Made

I realized that it’s been awhile since I last shared some in progress work with you all. Woops. With the wedding + honeymoon taking up so much time this summer, things got a little slow around the studio. But! There are so many fun projects in the works right now that I’m very excited to share as they head towards completion. Here is one of them. The above shots are from a current client (moodboard here) who is in the beginning stages of creating a jewelry business. We wanted something that felt light and modern, yet very coastal, all of which are being achieved by thin line strokes and color. More on this one shortly (we’re almost done!) and another sneak peek at something different later this week.

City Pop | Branding Process| Rowan Made

Although things have been a little slow ( thank you wedding planning #AHHH ) in the design studio this summer, I’m still so excited about all the different clients we have on our roster at the moment! Remember that popcorn brand’s moodboard I shared with you last week? Well, here are some actual process shots from the design process! The plan is to keep City Pop’s brand strong + modern, while merging it with nostalgic touches here and there. For example, the business cards and popcorn packaging will all feature kraft paper and have a more textured appearance. I can’t wait to share more as we finalize different pieces of the puzzle. I know I say that all the time, but it’s truly a great feeling when you’re working with the right people. Cheers to that!!

Process by Rowan Made | JennyJ

Do you guys remember this bold + bright moodboard a few weeks back? Well now I have some process shots to share with you all for what’s been going on behind the scenes! We actually just finished up the brand this week and are moving onto print pieces, so everything should be revealed real soon. Promise. ;) This particular project has been an interesting ride, as we tried to find a good balance between edgy and professional. As you can see in the left column, we started off a little more on the classic side, but then moved forward by bringing some edge back in, as seen on the right. Jenny is one cool lady and I’ve loved collaborating with her on this so far. We’re putting together something really fun, yet fairly simple at heart. More soon!!