Wantlist | Holidays | Curated by Breanna Rose

I can’t believe it’s already December. I feel like just yesterday, it was warm, sunny, and … summer. But I’m not complaining! It’s been fun to layer up, enjoy the first snowfall, and put up all of those holiday-esque decorations that inevitably come out of their cage this time of year. To help celebrate, I thought I’d put together a little wantlist of things I’ve been eyeing. As I’ve gotten older, making Christmas lists has become less important, but it’s still fun to dream a bit. ;) This year, I’m looking forward to spending time with family. In fact, we’re actually all piling into a couple of cars and driving 24 hours down to Florida to spend Christmas Eve at Universal Studios (Harry Potter World) and then Christmas Day at my Grandma’s. Should be fun, and I can’t believe it’s coming up so quickly! What are your plans??

Wantlist, by Breanna Rose

I’ve been compiling a bunch of favorite things + brands as of late, some of which are included above. The first one I wanted to mention was Industry Standard jeans. I am OBSESSED. After years of searching for the perfect pair of denim, I’ve finally found them. They fit like a glove, don’t stretch out, and are affordable for the quality you receive. I’m 100% serious about this one you guys and am prepared to slowly replace my denim supply with all of these!! Another brand I’ve been reintroduced to is Someware Goods. I remember seeing their products (home goods GALORE) well over a year ago, but finally checked back in for an update. I am now currently coveting all of the things. Sigh. Feel free to browse everything else below!

Wantlist : For The Fall

We’ve been getting small doses of fall weather up here in Minnesota, and I’ve actually been embracing it pretty hardcore. On the first day that cool temperatures came through, I made my favorite butternut squash risotto recipe and savored every bite. And now I’m all about sweaters, fall colors, and everything in between. I have my eye on two brands right now who are doing this season right : Cuyana ( new lookbook here!! ) and The Citizenry. Both of them exude all of the beautiful warm colors we all associate with the fall, so naturally, I want to buy everything. And I mean everything. Also included above are a few other fun things that you can shop through below :

Wantlist by Breanna Rose

SO! It’s officially summer and getting hot here in good old MN. I approve. ;) That said, I’ve pulled a few items on my wishlist ( literally, some of these are on our wedding registry ) that fit the bill. This cotton v-neck tshirt from J.Crew has quickly become a staple in my closet. Seriously. I have it in grey, but am basically looking to buy ALL of the colors. Because really … when you find a good tee that fits you just right, you gotta capitalize on that. PLUS, they are 30% off right now. The other thing I’m thinking about purchasing ASAP is another pair of Saltwater Sandals. I got some last summer for our trip to Europe, and literally walked 100+ miles in these guys without my feet hurting once. They’re affordable, too! Feel free to shop around these pieces below :

Wantlist | White

Last weekend, while shopping with my mom, I found myself grabbing three colors consistently : white, black, and various shades of neutrals. My mom kept pointing out other colors that would “look good on me,” but my plain jane self stood firm in her comfort zone. I’m not sure when all of this happened, but my style preference nowadays is a far cry from the fun + bright dresses I used to wear just a few years back. So as I was putting together today’s wantlist, I landed on white. Good old white. With summer on the way and a chaotic schedule piling up, perhaps this is my way of seeking simplicity? The more I think about it … that may just be the case. Happy weekend to you all! Relax + enjoy.

PS. My good friend Cassie of The Veda House is off getting MARRIED this weekend!! So while she’s away celebrating, I am guest posting on her blog today with another wantlist for her notables column. So basically, you get two in one. ;) Feel free to head on over and see what goods I’ve picked out for the home.