Up until this past weekend, I had never been to Chicago – despite living only 6 hours away my entire life. A good friend ( Ashlee ) of mine is attending grad school there, so another friend ( Lindsey ) and I decided to head down & visit her for a few days!! Highlights include giodarno’s pizza – which instantly became my favorite pizza ever, spending a good chunk of time adventuring at the bean, and playing late night bananagrams. Honestly, it was really nice to just relax + explore ( and be weird ) with these guys. Lindsey is making a little video of our trip, so hopefully that’s something I can share with you all down the line! Until then, peace out Chicagz.

* Pictures from my iphone & Lindsey + Ashlee’s cameras.

  1. Noor says:

    Ahh man I Love Chicago thats my city <3 I went to university there and its just the best place ever.

  2. Megan says:

    Chicago is so great! I live near La Crosse so it’s only about a four hour drive. It’s a nice weekend get away!

  3. Dennise says:

    Let me know the next time you are in Chicago, lady! I’d love to show you around and finally meet you in person! :)

    • bre says:

      WHAT!!!? I had no idea that’s where you’re from. Dang! Hopefully I’ll get there sometime soon cause that’d be awesome. :) Ditto to you in Minneapolis.

  4. anto says:

    The first photograph is gorgeous. I love Chicago even though I’ve never been. It sounds like you guys had a great time!

  5. i grew up 45 minutes away, i so love chicago! and i’ve eaten at that pizza place :)

  6. JP says:

    Chicago looks beautiful! My friend is there right now. Wish I could have gone with her – great pictures!

  7. petra says:

    one of my best friends lived in Chicago for almost ten years, and I never made it. how stupid is that? looks amazing. one day I go have a look for myself!

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