Creative Diaries | Madelynn Hackwith Furlong | by Breanna Rose

I first saw Madelynn pop up over on The Everygirl for a tour of her apartment when I realized she was another talented local to Minneapolis! Lately, she’s been killing it with her Perfect Wardrobe series as well as a lovely feature over on Cuyana. Her eye for style is impeccable. Seriously though, this lady has a lot of good things going on. For this creative diary entry, she was to focus on one single work day and answer a few simple questions about the good, the bad, and the inspiring. This is what happened, truthfully.

WHAT IS THE FIRST THING THAT YOU DID THIS MORNING : This morning was very leisurely. I woke up, watered my plants, took out the dog, made some coffee and then relaxed a bit and answered some emails. It was so great – I don’t often get mornings like this one.

DESCRIBE ONE CHALLENGE THAT YOU FACED : Lately I have been thinking lots about all the content and images I style and curate for Wide Eyed Legless and making sure that it all stays true to the aesthetic of the brand. Trust me, its a lot harder and more time consuming than it sounds!

Creative Diaries | Madelynn Hackwith Furlong | by Breanna Rose

DESCRIBE ONE ACCOMPLISHMENT : I wrote the remaining two posts for the Perfect Wardrobe Series I have been doing on the blog. It feels so great to finish something that you’ve worked so hard on.

DESCRIBE ONE THING YOU LEARNED : I am a huge extrovert and people person, I am also a perfectionist and have to constantly be busy- but some days I just feel like staying in and being a little bit of a hermit … Im slowly starting to accept this and allow myself to have days where I don’t feel the need to constantly be around people or accomplish things on the ‘to do’ list.

Creative Diaries | Madelynn Hackwith Furlong | by Breanna RoseCreative Diaries | Madelynn Hackwith Furlong | by Breanna Rose

WHAT IS THE LAST THING YOU DID FOR WORK : Talked with my dear friend Hannah of Another Feather about shooting a look book for her new line coming out this spring! I cannot wait to get my hands on her new pieces. They are divine!

AND JUST FOR FUN, DID YOU EAT ANYTHING TASTY : I had some locally made paw paw ice cream. Paw paw is like the perfect cross between a banana and a mango. It is so great and makes the perfect afternoon treat!

desk photo by canary grey

  1. daria says:

    That’s a great blog, I’m happy you introduced it to me! I love her minimal & flawless style.

  2. I admire how she suddenly inspired the whole blogging / creative community with her wardrobe series. From one day to the other, I saw recommandation of her blog and links towards her everywhere . Pretty incredible !
    And this apartment.. I am so jealous of the light. I think i’m developing kind of an obsession because my current Amsterdam apartment is frustrating me sooo much. Ground floor have really cool advantages (hello garden) but the light is definitely not a part of it ..

    • breanna says:

      I definitely agree! It was fun to see her pop up so quickly. Props to her. ;) And I feel ya – – we only have ONE ROOM in our house that gets amazing light. Some of the other rooms are decent, but many are just on the darker side, which is hard to deal with. Blah! Gotta make the best of it though.

  3. Kerry Rose says:

    I do love this series. There is so much talent to be discovered! And that blanket…it makes me almost (ALMOST) want to not hate this terrible winter.

  4. Kelly Brito says:

    Wow, she has a truly gorgeous blog! Filled with beautiful images!

  5. Brittanny says:

    Thanks for sharing. Going to check out her blog now.

  6. AJ says:

    SO happy you featured her! I’ve been in love with her style + aesthetic since time in memorial. I’m a hoarder by heart but after reading her post on living less and sticking with the essentials, I’ve been inspired to live it as well. And, good job on this section lady! Keep featuring more inspiring women.

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  8. Can’t even remember how I found Madelynn long ago through Instagram, but it was before her brand blew up–it’s been so much fun watching her grow! Madelynn’s success is such an inspiration for minimalists and stylish creatives everywhere :) I just adore her aesthetic and attitude.

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