Creative Diaries | Meg Lewis | by Breanna Rose

Meg Lewis of Ghostly Ferns has long been an inspiration for me in my own design journey towards creating a collaborative studio. Not only does she have impeccable design taste, but she is also nominated for Designer of the Year for the 2014 Net Awards. Her interview over there is a must read. For this creative diary entry, she was to focus on one single work day and answer a few simple questions about the good, the bad, and the inspiring. This is what happened, truthfully.

WHAT IS THE FIRST THING THAT YOU DID THIS MORNING : Today was great because the sun was shining fairly early this morning. We have 3 skylights in our apartment, one of which is above the bed. It’s so nice to have the sun wake you up in the morning. This morning was no exception! I woke up, made some coffee and sat down at my home computer to do some light work in my pajamas. I find that I have a lot of creativity in the early mornings before I get ready for the day and like to do some work at home before I get ready and go into my studio.

Creative Diaries | Meg Lewis | by Breanna RoseCreative Diaries | Meg Lewis | by Breanna Rose

DESCRIBE ONE CHALLENGE THAT YOU FACED : Today was the first real gorgeous day of spring. I work out of a shared studio space in Brooklyn called Studiomates. Studiomates is full of freelancers like myself who don’t come into the studio when the weather is lovely (or terrible). It was hard being the first person to arrive in the morning and force myself to work all day in spite of the beautiful weather! Luckily some of us were able to get out during lunch, walk around the neighborhood, and eat by the water. Wait, am I mentioning a challenge? It sounds like the best part of my day!

DESCRIBE ONE ACCOMPLISHMENT : I was able to finish all of my deadlines and go home when the work day was over. That rarely happens for me as I like to keep a ton of clients at once. Typically I go home around 6 or 7 to have dinner with my husband and then return to working at the computer at home for the rest of the night. Today I didn’t have to do that! I went home and got to hang out for the evening. Perfect weather, perfect day!

Creative Diaries | Meg Lewis | by Breanna RoseCreative Diaries | Meg Lewis | by Breanna Rose

DESCRIBE ONE THING YOU LEARNED : Today I learned to stop asking my clients about demographics. Typically I like to ask my clients what their target demographic is like and to describe their primary customer. Most of the time my client ends up describing themselves or someone they would like to be. Today, I got together with some other designers and we decided it’s best to ask the client to describe a problem they are trying to solve for a specific type of person. Design-y boringness of course, but exciting for me!

Creative Diaries | Meg Lewis | by Breanna Rose

WHAT IS THE LAST THING YOU DID FOR WORK : I had a cocktail happy hour meeting with a friend whom I’m working on a project with. It was great! We had two extremely delicious cocktails each, took notes, got tipsy, and ate tater tots. Work is hard, guys!

AND JUST FOR FUN, DID YOU EAT ANYTHING TASTY : When I got to my meeting today at Condé Nast they had chocolate covered strawberries from a previous meeting waiting for me. They were exceptionally tasty. Also the truffled parmesan tater tots I had during my second meeting were spectacular!

  1. natasha says:

    Great post – I love Megs suggestion of asking a client to describe a problem they are trying to solve. Good tip!

  2. Aluna says:

    I love your Creative Diaries posts! I’ve always been a fan of the Ghostly Ferns studio so it was really nice getting to know Meg’s process. It always amazes me how differently everyone’s days go!

    • breanna says:

      That’s so great to hear! Can’t wait to bring more around here soon. And I’ve loved Ghostly Ferns for a long while, too. Fun to have her on board. :)

  3. Noor says:

    I also wake up very early around 5 or 6am and find that I have some of the best creative rush at that time just sitting in bed in pajamas.

    • breanna says:

      Totally! I’m with both you and Meg. I’m much more productive in the morning and try my best to take advantage of that. Early morning + some LATE nights are the sweet spot.

  4. Rashi says:

    I love Meg! In addition to being crazy talented, she’s also one of the nicest and most helpful people in the biz. Great feature

    • breanna says:

      Right? Agreed. :) You’ve met her too, right? She used to live here in MPLS and I regret not meeting up.

  5. Diana says:

    So happy to see Meg Lewis here! I took her intro to photoshop Skillshare class and absolutely loved it — perfect for a complete novice like me.

    I also think that’s great advice about asking clients what problem they want to solve…may have to try that out with some commissioned paintings!

    • breanna says:

      Awesome! I’ve heard it’s bomb from other people – so glad to hear you enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Vicky says:

    I love these posts of the Diaries! the work of Meg is amazing!

  7. Kelly Brito says:

    I love Meg’s work. This was such a great read! Thanks for the fantastic feature, ladies! “Today I learned to stop asking my clients about demographics”… I must adopt this one. Just genius (I mean, the whole paragraph!).

  8. Ana says:

    Great interview! I’m also a morning person in the sense that I get quite creative in the morning – just imagine me, getting to work and working on my stuff instead of my boss’ because I had this great idea and can’t afford to loose it. I’ve also been trying to get up earlier to work on those before getting to the office, but it’s been a hard task (I’m up from 6.30am in order to get the lid ready to school, drop him off and get to the office….) Maybe one day! :)

  9. Going back to work after diner on a regular basis ? Wow.
    its obviously something I would do when a deadline is getting too close and I’m not ready for it but everyday … I don’t know if I could keep up. I savor my evenings, really, I like to cook and have a long diner with wine and friends. So for me the perfect night definitely does not involve work (except maybe for a meeting to talk about exciting projects ;) )

    • breanna says:

      I’m with ya, lady. I can’t work during the evening – unless I get a creative rush of energy. I HAVE to use that time to reset. But everyone is different so if it works for her, then that’s great!

  10. Ashley says:

    Damn, sounds like I need to do what she does. The actual ideal working day.

    xo Ashley

  11. Maryam says:

    I’m sad that I didn’t come across this series earlier! As someone who’s venturing out into the world of freelance- the creative diaries will be very helpful for clients to come. Thanks for letting us newbies peek a little into the lives of the people who have already made it! :)

  12. Ashlee says:

    These posts are always my favorites! I loved hearing about her daily routine and about the flexibility she has as a freelancer. Plus, I liked hearing about her strategy to ask clients about a problem they’re trying to solve. Such a great strategy! Also, her work is amazing!

  13. Christa says:

    I’ve always loved Ghostly Fern’s work – this was such a fun interview! Can’t wait to read her interview, thanks for this!

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