I’ve seen a ton of people share what’s going on in their lives “currently,” so I thought I’d hop on the bandwagon as I think it’s a neat way to give insight into what’s going on, plain and simple. The good, the bad, the inspiring, and everything in between. So here we go :

LISTENING TO As of late, I’ve been listening to a lot of Ellie Goulding’s new album, Halcyon. It’s very ethereal ( great to work to ), sometimes a little weird ( in a good way ), and full of dance like beats to make anyone happy. I decided I liked this one while I was driving through the Lowry tunnel in Minneapolis. Everything got dark + mystical … I hope that doesn’t make me sound weird. I kind of am though.

THINKING ABOUT how to relax. I’m the kind of person who stresses out all too easily in almost any situation. The simplest of things will turn my stomach in knots and fill my mind with worry, which isn’t that fun. I’ve been trying a few new things and tricks to help keep me balanced. Baby steps. If you have any other tips, please do share!

LOVING that Michael and I have been cooking most nights. We fell into the horrible pattern this year of eating out after a busy day, which happened more often than not. Instead, we’ve been sitting down on Sundays and making lists of what we can make during the week before grocery shopping. Oh, we also like to shop with our stomachs which is never good ( Christmas Tree Debbie Cakes, woops ), so these lists have helped keep us on track. Some of our favorites so far have been avocado fries, caprese quinoa salad ( we served it over a thin bagel and fried egg ), and frozen blueberry yogurt bites. All were great!

LOOKING FORWARD TO a client meeting with Athena Pelton next week! We worked together last year and she is honestly one of the most friendly, always excited, and genuine people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She lives near me and I cannot believe we haven’t met up yet. We’ll be talking biz and maybe enjoying some goodies! Plus her photography work is killer – I love seeing a client grow.

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  1. trina says:

    it’s always good to do this …especially around the new year. i am like you and stress about major things and little things and any other thing in between. with each year i’m learning that the most things i stress about do actually come together in the end (if you work hard) and and work out just fine. so there is no point in not enjoying the process and making it hard on everyone around you. so much easier to say than to act on. but i’m going to try to remember that…even on a hourly basis, if i have to. happy new year!
    xo . t

    • bre says:

      Thanks Trina! I like the “even on an hourly basis” part. :) That’s something I could totally think about in stressful situations. Just one foot in front of the other! xx.

  2. Jo says:

    I too am a human stress ball! I worry about the smallest thing and have the worst nerves ever. About anything and everything. However, I have one thing I do (which might make me sound crazy but here goes) I repeat over and over in my head the sentence ‘all things must pass’. I’ve come to realise that the only constant in life is that time carries on, right?! So, no matter what it is, it will pass. And when I realise that everything ends, it somehow makes me feel better and helps me to focus on the task at hand because the thing you’re worried about will soon be over. Oh and if that fails, there’s always gin ;)

  3. Athena says:

    I love you and cannot wait to meet you!!!!! Eeeeeek!!!

  4. Amy says:

    LOVE Halcyon! That’s my current fave too :) I’ve been meaning to try making those avocado fries for the longest time, so it’s good to hear they turn out well! I love the new column idea.

  5. amber says:

    I love the way you’ve styled this image. And I’m a big fan of Ellie Goulding at the moment too. You should check out Mikky Ekko. I think you’d like his stuff.

  6. Michelle says:

    Ellie Goulding’s album is lovely. Great choice!

  7. Mollie says:

    I love the layout. I started last year planning out all of my meals for the week on Sunday and going to the grocery store only one day a week (instead of like everyday). It makes my life so much easier if I know what I’m going to eat everyday. I make my meals work double time because I take the leftovers for lunch the next day. It also gives you a lot of chances to experiment and become a better cook!

    I found your blog the other day (I don’t remember how). I went back in your posts for like a year! I really appreciate your free,lance posts. I’m trying to make the transition in the near future and I found those posts to be helpful and honest. Thank you!

    • bre says:

      Hey Mollie! Yeah — I’ve been doing the whole dinner turned leftover lunch thing, too, and it sure is nice. :) I hope we can keep it up!! Gonna try my best.

      Thanks so much for your sweet words about my blog. A year is a long time, whoa!!! Glad you stumbled here somehow. Hope to see you around. :)

  8. Mayette says:

    This is a great idea–I love that you’re starting this (I might, too)! I’m the SAME about stressing. Ugh. My best friend tells me that her Grandma always reminds her to think, “Will this be important in ten years?” and that’s helped me a lot. :)

  9. Grace says:

    Love this column, the words & the layout -such an artistic blog & full of inspiration, so excited to follow you throughout the new year!

  10. Jade Sheldon says:

    I was diagnosed with UC a few years ago. My husband and I decided to turn it into a good thing and would make meal planning and grocery shopping a “date” in a certain sense. Now I always find myself looking forward to it.

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  12. Noor says:

    I love Elli she is awesome. I hear you about the stress thing bc I stress out over the most small task. I always want everyone to be happy and sometimes people feed off that and take it to far.

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