READING I really enjoyed this post about burning out on The Veda House. As of late, I’ve been feeling swamped + tired and am seriously wondering how I’m supposed to work this kind of schedule for the next 20+ years. A lot of brainstorming about working less has been going on over here, I can tell you that much.

THINKING ABOUT One way that I know will help me get away from the screen ( in reference to the above article ) is by using my new camera more. Not only that, but just using my hands in general. Knitting, painting, you name it … I’m ready to give it a go.

LOVING the office tour of Meg Lewis on Eva Black’s blog! I’m a big fan of her style / aesthetic, so I knew I’d love her space. And guess what?? Turns out I really ( really ) do.

LOOKING FORWARD TO all of my upcoming travel plans. I’m in the midst of booking several flights, scheduling accommodations, and all that jazz. This is the year I start traveling more regularly and I absolutely cannot wait. There is nothing that inspires me more than being someplace new. And hey, I’ll take some warmer weather while I’m at it. I’ve got the winter blues.

  1. Cate says:

    Lovely post, love the colours of the images!

  2. Aubri says:

    Does this mean you’ve made some final decisions on where yall are going in Europe?! I can’t wait to hear! I’m in the mist of booking our trip as well… while I love planning it’s a bit stressful! Feel free to post a blog on all this jazz! :)

  3. yes, yes–i have the winter blues too. spring, please hurry! my toes can’t handle the frost much longer…

  4. The colors of this post remind me of springtime – or maybe I’m just anxious! Where are you travelling?

  5. alicia says:

    Yay for traveling! I look forward to reading about what places you will go explore :)

  6. Meg says:

    Yay! Thanks for featuring me and my space, and thanks for the kind words!

  7. Oh gosh, I definitely feel that burnout at 25 thing. Jeez. One way I get away from the screen is for meals. And that’s definitely enjoyable.

  8. Shirsha says:

    Hi, I am really enjoying your “lifestyle” pieces… Love seeing your design-related posts but it’s even better to see the “you” behind the designer. :)

  9. Noor says:

    I love to travel you should go to Bali so far its been my favorite.

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