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READING this post about setting boundaries. I talked a little bit about hard things I’ve learned along my freelance journey in my post yesterday, but Lara goes a bit more in depth with it and even gives some examples! A great read.

THINKING ABOUT brunch and when I can have it again. Is it THAT obvious that I’m a foodie? I talked about food in this spot last week, too. Apparently it’s always on my mind. This past weekend, I ate a delicious quiche at 318 Cafe right near Lake Minnetonka. When can I go again??

LOVING Jennifer Lawrence – and I know I’m not alone! Have you guys seen the hilarious funny or die bits entitled “Between Two Ferns” by Zach Galifianakis?? You can see Jen in the most recent one featuring other Oscar nominees. Hilarious. And just in case you’re now browsing the videos, my favorite one of all time features Natalie Portman.

LOOKING FORWARD TO taking a trip up north in May. One of my favorite places in Minnesota is the North Shore, along Lake Superior. Michael and I decided to book a trip for our six year anniversary. And whoa, time flies!! I’m not a huge hiker, but up there … I turn into one. Kinda!

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  1. alicia says:

    Excited for your tip planning. My boyfriend and I are thinking about a weekend trip to Seattle next month! I love the city I live in but it always feel;s so good to get away for a few days. And then, when you come back, you fall in love with home all over again <3

  2. I… LOVE… between two ferns. I spent a day recently watching all of them. MORE! I need MORE! And more of Jennifer Lawrence too please. Has there every been a more loved celeb? She’s fantastic.

    Thanks for the lead on the great post about boundaries. Had to take a break from reading it in order to post this comment. ha!

  3. adela says:

    between two ferns… hilarious!! thanks for that :)

  4. Liz says:

    I LOVE between two ferns! My all-time favorite has to be Michael Cera’s.

  5. Dennise says:

    My favorite between two ferns of all time is the one with Jon Hamm, sooo funny! Have you seen Silver Linings Playbook yet, Jennifer Lawrence really is brilliant in that role, and man she is so gorgeous!

    • breanna says:

      I don’t think I’ve seen the Jon Hamm one … doing it now! And yes, have seen Silver Linings Playbook ( twice, ha ) and loved it so so much. :)


  6. Kelly says:

    I LOVE the North Shore. I’m from Wisconsin and that was my favorite trip our parents took us on when we were younger. Beautiful waterfalls and hiking. Amazing.

  7. look see. says:

    I adore Jennifer Lawrence – she’s freaking hilarious. Love her to bits.

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