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READING The Graphic Artists Guild Pricing + Ethical Guidelines Handbook. A couple designer friends of mine had mentioned this book, so I finally ordered it and have been enjoying it so far! Perhaps I’ll write more about it when finished, but do note that it’s a GOOD one for all you designers out there.

THINKING ABOUT florals and how badly I want them on a new swimsuit. My plans for this afternoon are to head out and attempt* to find a floral swimsuit before I jet off to Florida next week. Gotta rep the spring fever!!

LOVING the Young Frankk Spring Summer 2013 line and the photos that accompany it. They are so pretty and so so good. You can see more photographs right here.

LOOKING FORWARD TO this weekend. Michael and I are packing our bags and heading over to our old stomping grounds ( Wisconsin ). We have some good friends there that we’ll be visiting with and eating a LOT. I mean, a lot. In college, we all used to have “Multi-Cultural Festivals” pretty much every Friday where we would make tons of different cuisines and basically stuff ourselves. All on top of wine. I cannot wait!

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  1. I’m batting around creating my own shop with my mom on Etsy and I think that pricing book would be just what we need to get started! I’ll have to check it out! Have fun at the festival!!

  2. dena says:

    gorgeous collection. it sounds like you are going to have a great time in wisconsin! those olives + grilled veggies look divine. have a great time. xx

  3. I also have “The Graphic Artists Guild Pricing + Ethical Guidelines Handbook” and it’s been so helpful! :)

  4. Sophia says:

    I’m with you on the floral swim wear! I love the “Zimmermann Brightside” from Anthro.

  5. candace says:

    Great book!! I read it – it’s super helpful. I really suck when it comes to pricing…I find it hard to put a value on myself and I never want to put off a client with high numbers. However, selling yourself short is worse.

    Also if you go to The Creative Groups website ( they have a 2013 salary guide for freelancers in all design roles. They even break it down by state and have Canada in there too. It helps to know statistically where everyone else is pricing themselves.

    Once again, great stuff Breanna! I look forwarding to seeing your new posts every week.

    BTW – I keep seeing your stuff on Pinterest, even the old MOXEE stuff. ;)

  6. Kory says:

    That book! Yes! I got it for Christmas, and it’s great. I haven’t read it cover to cover, but I’ve done lots of flipping through the pages. I really love that there’s such a great resources like that for creatives!

  7. Just came across your blog through bloglovin. It’s really great and interesting what you do.
    I hope to be a designer too some day..
    I’ve followed you. (:

  8. Noor says:

    That book sounds awesome I think I will order it as well, thanks.

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