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As we round out my mini series on the designer process, we’ve landed at one of the best parts ( at least in my opinion ) : building out a brand. While it’s fun to develop concepts and play with type + color, it’s absolutely thrilling to build out a brand and bring it to life. Whether it’s through websites design or other marketing materials, the opportunity to cohesively expand a brand is powerful. To achieve this, though, educate your clients. Not everyone is aware of how they can expand their brand and succeed further within their niche. Typically, I like to suggest options that make the most sense to my client. Then, budget willing, we continue our working relationship to collaborate on the new materials.

When expanding a brand, there are two KEY things that I like to keep in mind. The first is to carry out all work consistently. Utilize your own style guide and moodboard to help keep that overall aesthetic in check. These key stylistic tones help ground a brand and maintain consistency throughout a variety of platforms. Whether your client’s brand is being seen from facebook, twitter, business cards, or even a billboard – it should be recognized as one in the same.

The second thing I’m constantly reminding myself is to stay flexible. Because here’s the thing : details change. Sometimes, the initial header font you chose for a client isn’t the best option. Maybe you found a better one or the website design dictates further exploration. It’s okay. Keep cool, get approval, and roll with it. Simply note the changes and carry the updated aesthetic details throughout everything else. More often than not, quick changes IMPROVE the brand and make it even stronger. Gotta love it.

So there you have it, an general overview of the designer’s process. Feel free to browse all of the past topics by clicking right here. Plus, don’t forget to read through the comments section on each post as well! You guys have been bringing up great discussion topics and answering each other’s questions thoroughly, which I’ve loved seeing and being a part of. Thanks to all of you!!

  1. Kia Perry says:

    Thanks so much for sharing Breanna! I’m still tailoring my design process so this definitely gave me a lot of insight and helped a lot!

  2. Quyen says:

    This series has been so interesting, even for a non-designer like me. I’ve been able to use a lot of tips in my personal life. I’m sad it is ending. Are there any other books and resources that you recommend for those interested in design (even as a hobby) to look into? Thanks, Breanna!

  3. Jamy says:


    This was a most wonderful surprise. I thank my lucky stars every day that you helped me with the logo/brand of FS. Oh GOD, remember the Alien font?? I get so many compliments on the logo and always refer the credit to you and your undeniable artistic ability. I will never sway from it, I’ve absolutely have fallen in love with it. It is Fourth Street.


    • breanna says:

      You are SO SWEET Jamy. :)
      Yes, I remember Alien font and am so glad we were able to land where we did. Your business cards are hands down some of the favorite I’ve ever done, too, by the way!!


  4. Jennifer says:

    I really love your work! You could do wonders for my website/blog/brand identity.

  5. Margo says:

    Loving your new logo!

  6. Jo says:

    Thanks for this series! It really prompted me to start interacting on the blog. There’s a lot of good advice here and I’ve even started implementing some of the suggestions into my own process. Keep up the good work.

  7. Celestine says:

    This has been by far my favorite series. I’m practicing everyday on carrying out a brand aesthetic in the different aspects of their business. I completely agree with your first point that the style needs to be one in the same for all platforms involved. The second point you made on being flexible is something I need to work on still. But hey, one step a day right? Thanks for the great advice

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