Ever take a look at that clump of costume jewelry you may have and realize that you don’t wear it anymore? Well instead of tossing it why not make it into something new and exciting? I went through my old jewels and made myself a cool gypsy chain headband, and here’s how you can make one for yourself!

• A few necklaces or bracelets that you don’t mind chopping up
• A handful of jump rings
• Needle nose pliers
• Wire cutters

01. First you want to cut the chains that will act as the base of your headband. There will be one chain that goes around your head, cut to be apx. 21.5″ and one chain that goes through the middle of the larger chain to hold it on your head, cut to be apx. 11″. You can see these two chains pictured in the supplies photo.

02. Use a jump ring to attach the shorter chain to the ends of the larger chain, closing it off. Find the opposite center of the larger chain and attach the other end of the short chain.

03. Cut up even length pieces from your old necklaces and make sure there is at least two of each section you cut (for both sides of your head). Lay them out in the order that you want to attach them.

04. Take your first piece of chain, loop it to the back jump ring where you attached the chain running through the center of the headband. Then attach it on the side of the headband, make sure to leave some slack. Finally find the center of the section of head band form the back to where you attached the small piece of chain and use a jump ring to hook the center of the small chain to that spot.

05. Take your next piece of chain, attach to the jump ring in the back of the headband that you used to hook the previous piece of chain to, same goes for the other end. Then, find the center of the second chain and attach that to the center jump ring of the first piece.

06. Continue this going down the line of jump rings for each piece of chain you attach. Then repeat from step 04 to the opposite side.

07. One of the necklaces I used lended itself to making little tassels, if you wish to make tassels you just need to cut several pieces of short chain and loop them all on a big jump ring.

The cool thing about this is that you’ll make a headband unique to any others out there, have fun!

Andrea Fairservice is a designer & blogger who is always bursting at the seams with inspiration and is known by her friends as a “gatherer.” She shoots and develops the Do It Yourself column.
  1. Anski says:

    Looks really pretty! Makes me wanna try to make myself one too :)

  2. KAYLA says:

    This looks fun and gorgeous! Perfect way to reuse the old jewels you don’t wear anymore. I may have to give it a try!

  3. Kate says:

    Very cool. I can incorporate this into my Halloween costume.

  4. Vanessa says:

    Gorgeous! I esp love those cute little tassels!


  5. Alicia says:

    This is gr8 I have a ton of junk jewelry that is broke n perfect for this

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  8. chocopie says:

    that’s called recycling! xD haha
    great tutorial!! love it!

  9. Jean says:

    Love it! Definitely worth trying. :)

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