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Here are my latest favorite dribbble picks to share with you all!! I’m constantly inspired by this little site and absolutely love seeing what everyone is up to. It’s a constant sneak peek, which is pretty great. Plus, an insight into the design process that you can’t really see anywhere else.

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  1. alicia says:

    I’m still a little confused about dribble. So I know people need to get an invite, but I signed up a weeks ago and didn’t need anything. Is the invite just if you want to showcase your own work? I need to take some time to sit down and explore dribble in more detail :)

    • bre says:

      Yes, the invite is just if you want to showcase your work …. otherwise you’re just there for browsing. :) You need to be dribbble recruited I guess. The rules are a little weird, I totally get that. I wish I had more invites!

    • Alicia says:

      Guess I’ll have to hunt myself down an invite :)
      I understand why they do it but….it’s also a little annoying.

  2. O gosh! It means a lot that you picked my Flourish work, I always get nervous when I put new stuff out there. I am loving that Eclips work — I must find the font!

  3. Oooh – these are amazing!! :) You have such an eye for gathering awesome things together! And how have I not been on dribble before?? Off I go!

  4. Joy @ OSS says:

    Love these pics. They’re so inspirational!

  5. Kate says:

    Yikes, I just went on a giant following spree! I always love your picks. I just got my Dribbble invite last week but I’m really loving it so far!

  6. JP says:

    Loving all of these! Pairing type with images/illustrations just~ right is tricky.

  7. Amanda says:

    you got me so hooked on this website! i love it all day!

  8. amanda says:

    hahaha, previous comment made no sense – so exhausted. i meant to say i love it but my mind also was saying i could be on it all day.. jumbled words.

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