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I was paging through some of my favorite dribbble favorites and noticed a recent trend : teals, yellows, and neutrals. I’m also really enjoying the different techniques designers use to make something look very “modern vintage.” I know a few ways, but would love to learn more. Perhaps an afternoon spent with google + illustrator is in order. Which is your favorite one up there?? Gotta say, I’m favoring that cute little wiener dog up top, I mean, c’mon. How could you not?

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  1. My favorite is definitely that adorable lil weiner dog! =)

  2. lena says:

    Definitely the wiener dog! And I don’t even like dogs that much… Have a good week – it’s always a pleasure to drop by your blog because I know I’ll be inspired in some way.

  3. alicia says:

    Yes, the wiener dog is the winner!!
    I’m a huge Jessica Hische fan so the bottom right one is also catching my eye!
    Although I like the modern-vintage look I feel like it’s starting to become a little too trendy-over-done. I think the challenge for a design is to make it look modern-vintage without it looking like everybody else’s work.

  4. Angel Y. says:

    I’ve been loving teals and mustard yellow as well so your Dribbble roundups are right up my alley. I adore the Presque Isle badge by Caleb Heisey. It’s unique and stands out to me. Lauren Hom is always a huge favorite and love the weiner dog by Julia as well!

  5. AH! The wiener dog. SO CUTE.

  6. Kercia says:

    Yup, it’s gotta be the wiener dog with the Warrior Motors in close second! I always love your Dribbble finds.

  7. jamy says:

    Love the dribble posts. Swooning over this color palette.

  8. B,Y.H says:

    Hi i’m in South korea :)

    I impressde your design! Thank you so much for your creative design show me

    I’ll visit your blog sometimes … bye~

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