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I’ve been a little quiet this week in my little design cave – getting as many things done as possible before our big move at the end of the month. There’s always those awkward couple of days where you don’t know for sure when you’re going to have internet or not, which sounds so silly to actually say out loud. We rely so much on technology, don’t we?? I’m trying to anticipate that so I can use those days to organize + unpack instead of freak out about upcoming deadlines. The above are some of my recent dribbble favorites. Because let’s face it, when you’re working long days behind the computer, getting an inspiration kick is key. Personally, it challenges me to be a better designer and refine refine refine.

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  1. Angel Y says:

    Gorgeous picks! I’ve been patiently seeking an opportunity to grab a Dribbble invite but in the meanwhile I love looking at all of the talent. I love the color palette in this combination of shots.

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