I was so excited to share my thoughts on blog design this past week over at Independent Fashion Bloggers. They interviewed a couple of people and compiled a great article on hiring designers, keeping your blog simple, and what works! Definitely take a gander if you’re interested. And thanks, IFB, for having me!

  1. katrina says:

    I just finished reading the IFB article and the points you made were spot on. In fact, I wrote a guest post article for another blog (which hasn’t posted yet) and touched on similar ideas with respect to the grid and consistent photo widths.

    I really appreciate your point about design elements and Photoshop. I’m really guilty of this, especially since I have a strong urge to slap a design element onto everything! :D However, I have been practicing restraint and do see and appreciate how Less is truly More.

    By the way, great Einstein quote!

    • bre says:

      Thanks for the sweet words Katrina! Don’t worry – I don’t think you go photoshop overkill. You’re very tasteful in what you do. ;) So happy you appreciate the whole less is more mantra!

      Story of my liiiiife. Ha!

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