I thought I’d start a mini series featuring film work I’ve done over the past couple years. Although I don’t have access to a darkroom anymore, I still have a deep love for going back to the basics. After all, taking film photography classes was one of the best decisions I’ve made on my creative path.

Taken with my Canon AE-1 baby.

  1. So happy you’re sharing these….what beautiful work, Bre :)

  2. Dennise says:

    wowza! stunning work!

  3. Krissy says:

    Oh so lovely. All around talent, dude.

  4. Jessica says:

    These are really beautiful! Learning to shoot film is on my 2012 goal list. Now you’ve got me curious about taking a class…

    • bre says:

      Thank you SO much!! I have such a huge appreciation for developing your own photos now, which I know is a luxury and expensive. Ugh. So I’m glad I had my time. :)

  5. Mailinh says:

    Love them! This reminds me of my days in the darkroom, too. I always told myself if I ever became rich (still waiting…), that I would have a built-in darkroom in my dream home. Ah….[happy sigh]…

  6. Ranu says:

    Absolutely gorgeous–love the moodiness of the shots! I have a Canon AE-1 too, and need to start using it! Curious about what type of film you used–would love to know!

  7. Gabriella says:

    Stunning photos. I would have to agree, I’m not much of a photographer, but my film photography classes were definitely my favorite courses. There’s something about physically being able to develop your own photographs from start to finish that’s just so incredible.

  8. MOXEE says:

    […] … part TWO of sharing some of my film photographs with you all. You can see part one here! Showing these really makes me miss my Canon AE-1 baby and spending hours in the darkroom. It was […]

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