After I gave my facebook a good overhaul last week, several people asked me me how to do it. So, I thought this would be a good topic to cover on my “for bloggers” column. With that said, let’s all make our facebook pages pretty. Here is how :

01. PLAN Before you go crazy adding apps or uploading your own images, please please please, give it some thought. When people come to your page, they will see three things up top : Your cover photo, profile picture, and apps. That’s three areas of potential real estate for you to plan how you sell yourself. Personally, I decided to showcase my logo, a picture of myself, and a larger image of my workspace. Those are the three important things that can instantly showcase my brand and what I do. So, what are YOUR important things? Remember, you can get a little more creative with your cover photo since it’s so large.

* The sizes for all your space goes like this : Cover photo, 851 x 315 pixels. Profile Picture, do yourself a favor and crop it into a high quality square from the start. App thumbnails, 111 x 74px.

02 ADD APPS Now it’s time for the fun part – apps. The great thing about installing apps to your facebook page is that you’re able to market yourself better. Does somebody follow you on FB but not twitter? Let’s solve that by adding an app. There are tons of apps for facebook out there, so really think about what you believe you need. I’m going to cover the basics / popular ones :

TWITTER I used this app. It displays a list of your most recent tweets, allows you to “publish” them, and let’s users click to your username. Simply install, select which page to add tweets to, and authenticate your twitter login. Your tab will now appear!

BLOG FEED This app via NetworkedBlogs is great for grabbing posts from your blog and housing them on facebook, too. Users can see your most recent posts by clicking on the tab, but you can also set it up so that your posts are automatically published to your feed. Personally, I like to say my own thing on facebook for variety, so this feature isn’t running. After registering your blog, you will need to claim your website, which they tell you how to do. Once it’s been verified, a link will appear on the NetworkedBlogs sidebar that says “Add Tab to Facebook Page,” which you should click. Select your facebook page, add, and go back to your NetworkedBlogs sidebar. A new link called “Edit” will appear there. Then, click “choose blogs,” select yours, then save. Your blog feed is now a tab on your facebook!

* Please do note that the above app was free when this tutorial was written, but I’ve received numerous notes that you now have to pay. I will let you know if I find an alternative!

PINTEREST The pinterest app, in contrast to others, is really really easy to set up. Simply select your page, add, fill in your settings, and save. There it is!

INSTAGRAM I use the statigram app to install my instagram photos. This one simply creates a gallery filled with all your photos so you don’t have to do it manually! You’ll have to create an account with statigram. Once that’s done, a tab called “promote” will appear, which you can click on. The second box down is all about facebook! Select the blue “create your tab” button, choose your page, and add instagram feed. That’s it!

OTHERS Like I said before, there are many other options out there for you as far as apps go. If you have a shop, etsy and shopify both have apps that allow you to share your store on facebook. If you’re looking for something else, simply do a quick search on facebook and explore. There are tons.

03. MAKE IT PRETTY Now that all of your apps are installed and appear under your cover photo, it’s time to replace the ugly default thumbnails they provide you with. Again, plan before you do this. Will you be using photos, type, or both?? Then, think about color, typography, and composition. For example, all of my thumbnails use my color scheme + typography from my brand to match. To upload your new thumbnails, navigate to your facebook page and click on “edit page” and “update info” up top. From there, there is a link in the sidebar called “Apps.” Click on that. All of your installed apps will now appear! If you click on “edit settings,” you’ll be able to change the app thumbnail very easily. You can also customize the tab name. Do note that you cannot edit the “photos” app at all, nor move it.

04. MOVE YOUR THUMBNAILS The last step is to organize how your apps appear up top. Once you’re on your facebook page, click on the little boxed number + triangle that appears the the right of your currently displayed thumbnails. Now, you’re allowed to hover over an app’s thumbnail and select the pencil icon that appears in the upper right. Swap positions and move your apps around until they are situated where you want.

So that’s it! Adding apps in a nutshell. It will take you a good half hour or more to get this set, but believe me, it’s worth it. The more you can streamline your brand throughout all of your social media networks, the better.

  1. Katie says:

    This is really useful, thanks for sharing – I love the look of your Facebook page – really lovely and consistent branding.

  2. Casey says:

    I love your style and love that you posted this. This is a huge help! Thanks!

  3. xfallenmoon says:

    sweet, thanks for explaining all of this. i was wondering a lot of this for my blog’s facebook page, especially the “make it pretty part”. thanks again!!

  4. This is awesome & super-helpful!! :) Bookmarking it so I can come back when I’m ready to fix my facebook page: I’ve been trying to make my internet self more cohesive this year, so this is perfect!

  5. Maggie C. says:

    Great info! Thank you for posting!

  6. Jamy says:

    Thank you Bre! This is extremely helpful :)

  7. Marta says:

    Bre, this information is so helpful, thank you for sharing. And now to the drawing board :) Have a great day!

  8. Lo says:

    I was inspired by your page and started making a few updates to mine over the weekend! Wanted to make it prettier before I started putting it out there. :)

  9. cassie says:

    Thanks Bre. The Veda House is going to get a Facebook page in 2013, so this is really useful information. I appreciate you sharing it :)

  10. Mollie says:

    Wonderful, especially the picture sizes! That is always so helpful. Genius.

  11. Thea says:

    Thank you sooo much for these tips!
    I have one silly question, how did you get the about section under your profile picture to be just text and not address, price range etc? I cannot seem to get mine to change to just text !:(

  12. Leanda says:

    I love what you’ve done Bre! Thanks for sharing your how-tos. My page needs a drastic makeover and I had no idea where to start :)

  13. Morgan says:

    Thanks so much for all of this great info! I’ve been wondering how to change my FB buttons and couldn’t find anyone to explain it. :)

  14. amber says:

    thank you so much for this! my page needed help and this tutorial was wonderful!

  15. Megan Good says:

    Thank you for posting this! I’ve been searching for instructions to add and customize my Facebook buttons with limited success up until now…and your blog post just summarized everything I was looking for and more!

  16. Ranu says:

    This is super useful, Bre! Thanks for posting :) Here’s to hoping we all have Facebook pages as pretty as yours soon.

  17. Dallas Curow says:

    Breanna, thank you SO MUCH for this. It’s incredibly helpful, and it’s just so awesome that you took the time to show us all how to make our pages look more stylish :) I love your blog always, by the way, but I just wanted to say thank you for today’s post in particular.

  18. monika says:

    Here’s my FB page for my photography business. I recently made updated this too. I love it!
    PS I really love what you’re doing it. You’re a constant inspiration!

  19. Lorien says:

    Thanks for sharing. Super helpful!

  20. stacy k says:

    Love your posts … so helpful and well-done! Thank you :)

  21. Julia Dzafic says:

    this is so helpful, thank you! i just redid my whole facebook page and it looks incredible.

  22. Chloe says:

    This is awesome, Bre! I’m sure it’s going to be super useful :)

  23. Lisa says:

    Thank you so much for this post. I need to get updating!

  24. dee says:

    hey Bre! this is too funny…after I asked you about it on fb, i spent like a good 2 hrs trying to figure out how you did it. well i finally figured it out. so great! thanks for the idea!

  25. This post is AWESOME. I had never been able to figure out how to change the images on app tabs — thank you so much!

  26. This is amazing – simple instructions and such useful information! I”ll be sharing this with my blogger friends! Thank you!

    Luci’s Morsels – fashion. food. frivolity.

  27. Peyton says:

    Thank you so much for sharing all of this information! It is so helpful. We are working on making a Facebook page right now, but were stuck on adding tabs, cover photo sizes, etc. Thank you.

  28. sheryl says:

    I love what you have done with the cover and profile photo – I always think it’s nicer when the two interact like yours does!

  29. Willi M. says:

    Thank you so much! This was by far the easiest way for me to add tabs.

  30. Brittany says:

    This was SO useful Breanna! I’ve been meaning to fix up my facebook page for a while now, so thanks for all of your help :)

    xx -b.

  31. Mel says:

    Thanks for this! Super helpfull I’m looking at starting a facebook page right now and this is great :D

  32. Olivia Wells says:

    Thanks for sharing. xx Olivia

    Olivia’s choice

  33. as usual, you’ve saved me about a gazillion hours…

  34. Belinda says:

    Hi! I love this information. I am inspired to update my page.
    My small business attends markets to sell our products. I cannot seem to change the ‘events’ tab either (just like the ‘photos’ tab). Does anyone have any ideas about a different app i could use to keep my customers up to date as to when and where to find us?
    Thanks :)

  35. Hi Breanna,
    thanks for this article, it’s very useful!
    Love your work

  36. Samantha says:

    Thank you so much for this awesome post!! You made this so easy and helpful!! Eternally grateful!

    xo, Sam 

  37. Billy says:

    total facebook envy right now.

    thank you for being super awesome and helpful and kick ass.

  38. Kim Senn says:

    WOW WOW! Thanks, Bre! I’m so happy you shared this info. I just updated my Facebook page and LOVE the new tabs. Yippee! (Check ‘er out…

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  40. Thanks for this, Breanna. Your Facebook page now looks gorgeous, and I’m feeling very inspired to take a fresh look at mine too.

  41. so helpful! i just gave my facebook page an overhaul this morning – thank you, thank you! you made it easy :)

  42. This was so helpful, Breanna. Thanks so much for taking the time to compile it.

  43. suzi says:

    Thanks so much for this! I have been updating the facebook for the company I work for and this worked a treat! However when I went to add the blog link, you actually have to pay to get the facebook tab link onto the page! Unless I am being silly and is another way around this?


  44. Amy McArthur says:

    This is a huge help! I had no idea there were this many apps out there. Thank you so much! Love your work!

  45. Latrina says:

    So informative, thank you! I just recently created a FB page for my blog/photography and really struggled with how to design it and make it usable to it’s most degree. So many wonderful tips & ideas, thank you!

  46. kiley says:

    the blog app now costs money through networked blogs. :( is there a free option you know of?

  47. Jodi Mastin says:

    I am working on updating my Facebook, I tried to use paint to create a new application tab for pinterest with color and words but no matter what size I use on font it is too small to see. Is there a better program to use that is free?

  48. This is great advice. I have one question that wasn’t mentioned here. The Network Blog was prompting me for a payment before I proceeded. Is this correct? Can you tell how many hits you are getting from this link to your blog on your facebook? Thank you!

  49. Jordan says:

    This is great! Does anyone know if this will only work on “pages”? It doesn’t seem like the twitter app works because it’s just a profile page..?

  50. Jose says:

    Thanks for the great advice but I am having trouble with editing my page and making it my own.

  51. Melody says:

    Thank you so much for this! Do you know how you can place a direct blog link vs the blog feed through Facebook? Thanks again!

  52. Kaitlyn says:

    Hugely helpful! I’ve been trying to figure out facebook apps since they were introduced and was basically clueless. Thanks so much for taking the time to show where you got the apps and how to add them to your page. :D

  53. Bethany says:

    Hi there! This was AMAZINGLY helpful. However, I tried using the NetworkedBlogs app (got verified and all) and it’s asking me to pay a monthly fee to add the tab to my Facebook page. Did you pay for this app?

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    Always full of knowledge! Thank you Breanna for your wonderful help, I can’t wait to apply it to my facebook page shortly!

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    thank you, love…sharing this in my links this week! xo .t

  57. Couldn’t find a guide so useful via google, so well done! Most helpful :D

  58. Joel C says:

    Networked Blogs charges $10/month. Bit steep for a tab imho.

  59. jennifer says:

    You are so awesome! Thanks for the insight and the detailed info. Your pastelicious page looks like a breath of fresh air!

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  62. Shavonda says:

    Hi Breanna! Thanks so very much for not only enlightening us on what to do but also HOW to do it. It really helps very novice computer folks like me achieve the look of a professionally designed page. I can’t wait to implement these to my FB page

  63. thank you so much for sharing! excellent learning tool.

  64. laura says:

    This is so helpful – thank you so much for sharing!

  65. Beth says:

    This is really helpful! Thank you so much!

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  67. elizabeth says:

    i love this! is it possible to give my personal FB profile this facelift not just my FB page? thanks!

  68. sarah says:

    Thank you so much for this, Breanna! It comes at the perfect time with my blog re-launch happening next week! I have a question, im wondering if you or any of your lovely commenters had the same problem. My blog’s facebook is set up as a page under my personal facebook profile. When I try to install the networkedblogs app, it keeps loading this application to my personal page and not the blog fan page where I want it. It looks like you can only have one tab with a free account. When I try to install the button manually on the fan page, it tells me that my blog is already registered. Has anyone else had this problem?

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    This is brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing. I’ve been wondering for a while now how to make those app bits look pretty, as well as incorporating the blog and pinterest links. Thank you!!

  80. Kimberly says:

    Hi! Thanks so much for the tips! I do have a question though. I’ve scoured through my Facebook page and I can’t seem to find the “Edit Page” button to edit the favourite thumbnails. I’ve tried to hover over all of the items on my timeline, pressed every single button and dropdown menu available; I’ve tried digging down through my account settings, privacy settings, timeline options, etc. And still nothing. Do you have any idea where it is hidden? Any help would be great, thanks. :)

  81. Charlene says:

    This was really informative. I have been burned by a people who claim to be of help and do nothing. Thank you for providing this information.

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  83. Chaney says:

    Hi! Found this post through Pinterest, and it’s immensely helpful! I did figure out how to install the Networked Blogs app tab for FREE on your page. Once you sign your blog up (using your instructions above), don’t follow the prompt to pay for the tab. Just open a new window, go to the Networked Blogs Facebook Page (, click the settings button (the one that looks like a gear), and click “Add App to Page.” That will prompt you to add the tab – for free! They only thing you have to pay for is a “customized” template that displays your blog feed. I didn’t care about that – I just took the free option! Hope that helps (sorry for being long-winded!).

    • jennifer says:

      I can second this!! I just got it setup for free – the link that Chaney left works perfectly so this is still a good solution!

  84. Shira says:

    Thank you so much for these tips! Put some of it to use already! :)

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    i came THIS close to emailing you about this since i knew you must have a tutorial for this and instead i googled it …. success. I just updated my business page :)

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    Just used this post as a reference to spice up my new Facebook page – and it’s helped wonders! I seriously wouldn’t have known what to do without you. So thank you! :)

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    Thank you so much for this. I just updated my Facebook button and am still working on my general page, but this was a great help! Also, I love your facebook page!

  96. Jamie says:

    thanks for the great info! i linked my etsy to my new facebook page, but when i clicked on it, it told me to enter my shop name. after doing so, it said there were no listings available. i’ve refreshed, even closed and reopened the browser. no luck. any ideas?

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  101. Really good guide! I’ve been searching the Internet for a guide like this. Thanks for sharing :)

  102. Hi Breanna!

    Thanks so much for this fabulous tutorial! Super quick question for you! I can see both my Pinterest and Twitter apps when I’m looking at my page as an admin, but for some reason no one else can! Have you ever seen/had this problem before? Any advice would be so much appreciated! Thanks!!

  103. Penelope says:

    I am so thankful to pinterest for introducing me to your blog, Bre. This post has gone a long way in enhancing my personal brand and business. Thank you *victory dance*

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    Really useful tips and something I’ve been searching for a while. I’m going to put them all in a good use. Thanks for sharing! :-)

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    Thanks for this guide! Just what I need right this moment. Is there a way to subscribe to your blog via e-mail?

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I’m so glad to have stumbled onto this — actually through pinterest. I’ve been wondering how all of those tabs worked and I love how simplified you’ve made the process. Lovely blog. I’ll be back for sure.

  107. Peter says:

    Good article. Very nice explained! keep it up ;)


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  108. This was SUPER helpful! After spending hours trying to figure out how to add the Apps to my page, your blog post literally took me 5 minutes to navigate and was so concise and helpful. Thank you thank you – I just pinned it for others to use as a resource!

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    Thanks for the helpful information!! I am struggling to figure out how you got the custom thumbnail under the cover photo. I got it on the side, but cannot figure out how to get it on top. Anyone? Thanks so much!

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  116. Ashley D. says:

    Hi, this was really helpful. Thank you for posting it. I do have a question though. I am really confused as to how to go about getting the apps and app pics to the top of the page? Mine show up in small boxes along the side of my Facebook page and I cannot seem to move them. What should I do? Thank you. – Ashley

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