favorite web fonts / by breanna rose

It’s been awhile since I shared some favorite web fonts ( more here & here ), so I did a little research yesterday to find new ones I had actually never heard of before. And because of that, this may be one of my favorite groupings! I am now SO excited to put some of these into play when it comes to website design. Especially since some of these have a little funk to them, right!? Like the fun curly ends of the top left font, myra. Or the unique loops of the bottom right example, bellota. Well, those AND the pretty “Q” in the middle there. I have a soft spot for that letter since it’s not used much. If you like these, then please – give them a download below! They are free and ready for you to use.

  1. Kira says:

    Thank you!

  2. Tanea says:

    Thanks! I love web fonts!

  3. Maja says:

    I love these. thanks for hunting them down!

  4. hey, that’s a great selection! thanks for sharing (great fonts and your professional knowhow).
    really enjoy reading your super inspirational blog on a (almost) daily basis!
    keep it going!
    from vienna with love,

  5. Ffion says:

    Lovely selection, thank you for sharing. As a designer I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting fonts and there’s some here I haven’t seen yet.

  6. Jessica says:

    Great picks! I love them all but I think my favorite is Bellota – going to download it now!

  7. alicia says:

    One of my favourite features on your blog! Awesome free web fonts, always love your selections!

  8. Lucy says:

    I always love your collections, but this one is fantastic. Vidaloka is making me swoon, I didn’t even know a font could do that! Thanks :)

    Lucy xo

  9. Angel Y. says:

    Such a great list! I’m looking forward to being able to dig into HF&J’s webfonts. This definitely has me inspired!

  10. Susan says:

    Beautiful fonts you picked as always. I love to find new fonts for web. I don`t have experience with font face generator – as my web developer (I can not code) always tells me only to use fonts from google webfonts or Typekit to be sure it shows the same in all browsers. When you use Webfont kit from Font Squirrel will the font show correct in every browser? Cause I would love to use some of the fonts you suggested. Thanks !!

  11. Noor says:

    Those are all really pretty. Do you have Behance? I follow some Google web font creators so I I get to know when they let some of them out. Their are so much though wow but I do love them.

  12. These are so fun, especially love bellota! There are so many free fonts out there, it’s often hard to sift through all the crummy ones! I actually did a free font roundup on my blog last week: http://afinelineblog.com/my-favorite-free-fonts

  13. You are officially the best! Fonts are the one thing I struggle with, hard.

  14. Yelle says:

    I absolutely love this compilation! Great eye!

  15. Lauren says:

    Love these – especially Varela!

  16. Thanks for doing the research for us! Lovely round-up!

  17. Sally says:

    These are brilliant – love Myra! Thank you!

  18. Jade says:

    Thanks Breanna for another great font round up!

  19. You always have an eye for the best fonts! :) Thanks for sharing these…

  20. Nesha says:

    Ooh, how lovely is that Vidaloka font!

  21. Oh, you are awesome! It’s been several months since I have installed any new fonts… I’m in desperate need of some new ones. Thank you!!

  22. really like bellota!

  23. Rebecca says:

    Hey, I have a (maybe weird) question for you that I would love to see a topic on, or hear your opinion. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by how much information is out there these days? As in, when I started my design degree 5 years ago, I would check maybe a few design blogs and deviant art to check for inspiration. Now, it’s expanded so much, there are so many more blogs out there, instagram, pinterest, it’s endless an i find myself opening so many tabs and saving so many photos as “inspiration” for a project that it’s almost neurotic – there’s so much out there! Do you have any tips on how to not feel overwhelmed by there being so much out there? Thanks x Love your blog

  24. Melissa says:

    My fav is vidaloka :)

  25. Thank you for these finds! I have a soft spot for gorgeous fonts (who doesn’t?) and these are really really gorgeous.

  26. Tiffy says:

    These are amazing, thank you!

  27. Riley says:

    Great collection of fonts! I’ll definitely be referencing your list in the future for any projects that may require some excellent free type.

    Another great resource for fonts you or others might like is the private typography community http://type.is/good – Give them a look as the site seems to be the new go to place for type lovers and people looking for high quality, good fonts.

    Anyhow, thanks again for the great list, Vidaloka is pretty irresistible in my book!

  28. Sarolta says:

    Thank you so much for putting this together! Just downloaded Varela. It is so beautiful.

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