I don’t know about you, but I often find myself in personal moments where I’m just about to feel like that picture right up there. You know, not quite at that point, but the time building up beforehand. Being that I work from home, my hours are often strange and projects sneak up on you when you’re managing everything yourself. I still haven’t perfected my own work method for working as a fulltime freelance creative, but I’m getting there. I can honestly say that I’m a whole lot more organized than I was last June! Phew.

With that said, when you do find yourself on the verge of a beautiful little explosion from work overload, just keep swimming in the best way you can. For some, that means taking an hour long break or going for a walk. For me, I try to become calm. If things start feeling like a lot unexpectedly, I always first turn to my to do lists. I’ve found that instead of thinking about everything all at once, narrow your focus. What needs to be done in this exact moment? You got it? Okay, now do it. You’ll drive yourself completely wacko if you don’t allow yourself to get into that focus and instead let the big picture scare you! These moments tend to fade once you punch through, you just need to figure out how to do so.

Another thing I’ve noticed as a freelancer is that timing is KEY. Working from home isn’t a 9-5 job … it’s actually quite sporadic, but that’s what I love about it. If I’m feeling most creative at midnight, I’ve learned to just go with it, because chances are I won’t feel that same sparkle the next morning. I used to beat myself up over creative blocks that would occur during a “normal” work day. But you know what, these things happen to all creatives. Follow your heart and move on.

Just some important things I’ve realized this past year that I thought I’d share!

  1. I completely agree about the creative blocks. Yesterday, I was so mad at myself because I couldn’t focus, but I end up working on the weekends sometimes because I get a burst of motivation… you make up your time all the time, and more weeks than not, you usually work way more than most people do! So, great advice!

    • bre says:

      Exactly! I’ll have weeks where I only work a couple hours during a regular work day, but then motivation strikes me at night or on the weekends. Definitely a sporadic thing, but we’re lucky we can roll with the punches, right?? CHEERS AGAIN ladyyyy!

  2. I love this!! You explained in a way that is so logical! Thanks for the advice & encouragement! xoxo

  3. Mariella says:

    And thanks for sharing! It’s always good to know that creative blocks are normal…we might hear it hundreds of times from many different people, but still, reassurance is always very much needed

    • bre says:

      I totally hear ya. I, too, need reassurance from others in this department since I work for myself. It’s good to know you’re not alone. :)

  4. Buki says:

    Bre, thanks for putting to words what I sometimes find hard explaining to others about my day, productivity and thought process. I do plenty of work at night, plenty of good work. You are an encouragement :)

    • bre says:

      Thanks so much Buki! It’s nice to know there’s other out there, ya know?? Best of luck to you. :)

  5. Sarah says:

    Thanks a bunch – your advice is always so helpful. I find if I just pick the simplest thing on my to-do list that little accomplishment can kickstart me again.

  6. Megan says:

    Such good advice. It happens so often and creeps on you sometimes. Well put Bre! Lists save me every time that and a little wine.

  7. Rachelle says:

    I think I was meant to fall across your blog just at the right time! As I attempt to set myself up to quit all 9-5 ties by the end of this year (Eek! So, so scary.) to freelance full-time, I know that I’m much more inspired and intuitive with my projects late at night! You’re an inspiration! :)

    • bre says:

      I’m so glad I could be of some sort of help! Yes – just follow where your motivation takes you. :) Good luck!

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