I try not to obsess over stats much when it comes to readers of this blog, simply because that can feel limiting or overwhelming quickly. I have, however, noticed a few things over time that I thought would be helpful for other bloggers / creatives to know when it comes to grabbing more readers! Here enters two key players : pinterest & bloglovin.

While there are several social media websites out there for you to utilize, pinterest and bloglovin may be some of the most visual ones to take advantage of. Often times, creatives are swayed or captivated by imagery rather than text. Here are some tips to move forward :

BLOGLOVIN If you haven’t signed up for this one, please do consider it! It’s a great alternative blog reader that elegantly displays your posts in a simple layout. And honestly, I believe its under-rated as of now. The good news is that there’s a great ( + large ) community that uses this program every single day to read their favorite blogs! All you have to do is sign up and place your blog into a certain category. That way, you will attract the right readers. It’s as simple as that! This is my second highest source of incoming traffic.

PINTEREST This one probably sounds pretty obvious, as most bloggers nowadays have pinterest, but I had to bring it up! I’ve noticed that more recently, it’s become one of my highest sources of incoming traffic. Here are some tips when keeping readers in mind :

01 Consistency is key. More often than not, people will come back to your blog because they like the things you post. In my case, I choose to center mostly around art ( design! ), food, & fashion. Over the past couple of years, I’ve found that that’s what works for me! With that said – I focus on the same things via pinterest. This is a great way to draw new readers by what you pin if they like the same things.

02 Pin your work and / or images from your posts! Whenever you reveal a new project or blog post, pick out your best image and pin it with a simple description. That way, the source will direct fans back to your website. My one piece of advice with this one would be to not OVER share. If you spam your boards with ten images in a row from a post or project, people could easily get annoyed and turned off from even visiting. Quality over quantity.

03 Have you ever thought about the orientation of your pins before?? Turns out, its much easier to grab someone’s attention with a vertical pin because of the way pinterest is set up. They have taller columns, so horizontal images tend to appear much smaller and less grand-esque, if you will. I’m not saying you should only pin vertical images, but just to keep it in mind!

So there you have it! Two social platforms that will help boost your biz, visually! Try them out or take these tips into consideration – I promise it’ll be worth it.

  1. Naree says:

    Thanks for the words of advice. I’m a new blogger, who is looking to build my readership. I could use any help I can get. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kory says:

    It’s hard to believe that some bloggers wouldn’t know about these two resources, but it’s awesome that you shared them! I, too, think Bloglovin’ is underrated. I like so many blogs, so I’ve been using Bloglovin’ for a while because it’s the easiest place to see all the blogs that I like. Many people say it’s not the best way to build a following, but I have more followers there than subscribers via email.. As for Pinterest, I see some traffic from my pins as well!

    These definitely are great resources!

    • bre says:

      So happy you already are using bloglovin, too! It really is great. :) I think it brings in it’s own new audience – which is why its so great.

  3. Lena says:

    I’m a big fan of bloglovin! It’s so visual and perfect for food/design/photography/fashion blogs. I use it to follow my favourite blogs. I think it is pretty big among fashion bloggers and readers already. Adding a bloglovin icon in addition to the usual facebook, twitter etc. makes also sense, I think. I’m much more likely to click on that than to become an email subscriber when I come across a blog I like.

  4. mariana says:

    I think these are great advices. Thanks!
    I really like your blog, btw. :)

  5. Camila says:

    I am a new blogger two, and I am already using those two social platforms. I just don’t know how to get followers, specially in bloglovin. It seems really hard to compete with the old school bloggers that already have more than 10k followers. What advise do you have for someone like me who is entering very late in the game?
    Also, for some weird reason when my posts appear in Bloglovin they do not show a preview image like the other blogs. Do you know how can I fix that (I use wordpress).

    Thanks for the post! I find so much inspiration in your blog :)

    Camila from thehibou.com

    • bre says:

      Glad you’re using them both! With bloglovin – you really need to make sure you have some sort of button on your blog to draw readers there. Once you get your readers to “follow” you on bloglovin, your rank goes up & more people ON bloglovin will most likely find you. I hope that makes sense??

      Not sure why your images aren’t showing up, though. Try contacting bloglovin support. They’re usually very good with helping!

    • Camila says:

      I fixed the problem with the pics in bloglovin! I accidentally had my rss set to only show an excerpt of the post instead of the whole post so images wouldn’t show either. <3

  6. Thanks so much for this – checking out Bloglovin now!

  7. Billy says:

    I really need to work on my bloglovin’ business, thanks for the reminder, and I love pinterest for blog traffic. The source trick s helpful too to see what people are organically pinning from your site. I need to try that vertical business.

    As a side note, that info about people dropping you if you bleed the feed with your own content is true. *cough design sponge cough*

  8. Dianne J. says:

    Thanks so much for taking the time to post this! Very helpful :)

  9. Waddayaknow! Pinterest just got you a new follower! Love your blog, so simple and beautiful. Thanks for sharing! I understand I have to step up my bloglovin-game. :)


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  12. E.B. says:

    I love Pinterest and Bloglovin, but I find Bloglovin difficult to search and to promote. In fact, my readership on BL is currently dismal and I’m not sure how to really utilize it. Maybe I need a bigger Bloglovin button. I would love any other tips from successful BL users. I’m all ears. :)

  13. Mary says:

    Great advice – thanks for all the info! Will heed your advice to increase my following :) Love your blog, BTW!

  14. Claire says:

    I cannot figure out how to get followers on bloglovin. How do I get into categories so if someone wanted to read about a certain topic, it would pop up after a search? My blog covers several different topics so it is not a general theme. Thanks in advance for your advice.

  15. Colette says:

    Thank you for the great advice! I too am trying to expand my blog’s readership. My blog also covers several different topics, so it’s difficult for me to decide on a category in Bloglovin.

    PS: I really love your image with the triangle outlines above!


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  17. Thank you for your insights ^_^

  18. Millie says:

    I’m fairly new to the blogging world, these tips are really helpful, I love bloglovin, but i find it hard to get noticed on it. Thank you so much for sharing!



  19. yaya says:

    thanks alot for your tips and time.. this has helped me alot :)

  20. David says:

    How to add pinterest widget on wordpress. Easy and quick tricks

  21. Karen says:

    Saw this on Pinterest. Love the collage and wondered how you did this an app?

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