I’ve always been a fan of walls with frames, mix-matched and hung just so. However, I found the art of skillfully hanging said frames to be quite the challenge! I think my problem is that I space things out a little too perfectly or pick frames that become matchy-matchy. Ya know, sometimes it’s annoying to be OCD about things. It’s my goal to LET LOOSE and create one of these walls … even if it takes me forever. I just love em’ too much!

Plus, how cool are these rooms. The top photo was found here and was referred to as “cozy clutter.” The bottom image was taken during Our Paper Shop’s photo shoot, at Sarah & Rocky’s apartment. So good!!

  1. Vanessa says:

    I think we have the same OCD issue hahaha. I currently have 7 prints sitting against the wall on the floor waiting to be hung but I HAVE to have matching white frames for all of them. Ohh boy. -_-

  2. I had one of these in my last place, and it was sooo fun putting it up! :) It helps to lay it all out on a floor, first – I gathered up all different sizes/shapes of frames from thrift shops and hung them all up (some even empty) – the more you do, the easier it is to just haphazardly stick nails in the wall and pull them out if things are ‘off’. :) Do it!!

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