france / by breanna rose

We’ve been back from our trip to France for three days now and I’m still amazed that it actually happened. I had never been to Europe, so when the idea of taking a trip there came up — I was equally excited + terrified of trying something new. Michael and I spent 12 days traveling through Paris + Nice and testing our 5 years of French classes. Turns out we forget a LOT. I have a whole bunch of photographs from the trip, so I will be sharing them with you all over the next couple weeks! Needless to say, I can’t wait to get back and explore more over there. It’s beautiful.

france / by breanna rosefrance / by breanna rose

We did several “touristy” things while in Paris, but my most favorite thing was to simply get lost and walk around. Michael mapped out our routes at the end of each day and calculated that we walked upwards of 100 miles total during our entire trip. Yikes! But it was all in the name of more pastries, basically. I had heard from a few people that Rue Montorgueil was an exciting street filled with shops, cafes, and bakeries ( all pictured above + below ) — so naturally, we stopped by at least three times. After comparing the “famous” éclairs from both Stohrer and Maison Collet, we declared Maison Collet’s version as the winner. I’m 100% certain that I’ll be dreaming about these for quite some time!!

france / by breanna rosefrance / by breanna rose

Life in France is certainly different from what we’re used to here in many ways. For one thing, all of the buildings are so rich in history and much much older than most things in the states. I couldn’t get enough of all the little details. Fruit / veggie stands + flower markets were everywhere … so many things we don’t usually get to see on the daily. So we drank it in and kept on walking. Traveling with Michael has always been nice as we compliment each other well. He’s the only person I could literally spend this much time with and be perfectly fine with it. I’ll leave you with a few more pictures and share some more very very soon! Now back to work for me.

france / by breanna rosefrance / by breanna rosefrance / by breanna rose

  1. Vanessa says:

    Wandering certainly is the best way to explore a city and travel :) Wow that eclair looks good! Wish I had known about that place when I went to Paris in April. Glad you had a good time on your trip – lovely photos!

  2. Shayla says:

    Beautiful photos Breanna!
    Travel enriches our souls, it is in my humble opinion one of the best things we can do with our lives. :)

  3. Beatrice says:

    Nice photos! Maybe it’s just the photo but that’s a huge eclair you’re holding! Loved the eclairs in Paris!

    • breanna says:

      You’re right, I think it was the angle of the shot. BUT, the éclairs were a very nice size so I can’t complain!!

  4. harmony says:

    Amo Francia.
    Las fotos son espectaculares, me has transportado allí.

  5. Paris is always a good idea! :) Beautiful photos Bre, it seems like you two had a great time here in Europe! Came back soon! :)

  6. alicia says:

    Beautiful! So happy you loved it. I’m anxious to go back now too. No Paris in sight for me but I am currently planning a trip to Portugal + Croatia later this year. CAN NOT WAIT!

  7. Julia says:

    How beautiful! Your photographs are amazing…can’t wait to see more! And that eclair? *drooool*

  8. JP says:

    Love the photos! I’m glad the trip turned out so amazingly. Good to know about your French…I should probably review stuff from a year or two ago as a refresher! (You and your boyfriend are model pretty, by the way.)

    • breanna says:

      Thanks JP!! I thought I knew enough french to “get by,” but man were we tested. Ordering food was a breeze, but any communication beyond that required many hand gestures. Ha!

  9. great shots, & look forward to seeing more! all in the name of pastries…now that sounds like a travel motto!

  10. Dalerad says:

    Pastries!!! Oh my. Always love your photos.

  11. Snappystreet says:

    I completely agree!

    There is nothing better than getting lost meandering around the streets, almost like a local… you never know what treasure you will stumble across!

    Cannot wait to see more of your gorgeous pictures! x

  12. These are such beautiful photos Breanna!

  13. KAIT says:

    My boyfriend and I were in Paris around the same time that you were and I felt the same way – walking in the name of more pastries! Loved all of the markets too, these are some great photos, I’m glad you had fun!

    • breanna says:

      Oh you were!? How cool! I wonder if we crossed paths unknowingly. ;) Hope you had a great time in Paris as well!

  14. Yelle says:

    Everything about your trip sounds exactly like mine! I cannot wait to hear more about yours because it is bringing me back so much nostalgia. I went in 2010 and three years is far too long if you ask me!

  15. Thanks for sharing your trip – the photos are gorgeous (and I am now dreaming of that eclair, yum!).

    When I was in Paris I just couldn’t get over how beautiful everything was… from the buildings to the food to the people to the language. It’s a sensory overload! Can’t wait for Part 02!

  16. Tinne says:

    Eating pastries in Paris, just the best way to spend your holidays :-) I used to live in Paris for a couple of months and went literally crazy to look for the most amazing bakeries and to find the best routes to wander around (I even designed a travel guide about it – like I said crazy haha). I ended up at Boulangerie l’Essentiel close to Place d’Italie… I would definitely recommend to try their pastries next time you go there! They are just beautiful :-)

    Anyway, it’s really great to see these pictures. I’m looking forward to see the rest of it!

  17. Anna Z says:

    Gorgeous photos! I’m excited to see more.

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  19. kat says:

    OMG! Seeing this makes me wish I would have studied abroad in Paris like my parents “begged” me to. These are some great photos. Glad you had a great time. Wandering around is the best way to explore a city. And I love the yellow handbag. I also spent 5 years studying French and remember so little :(

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