David McLeod knows his type. In fact, he works on creating his own quite often, which is what I wanted to point out today. He offers two pretty funky fonts that you can download for free!! How awesome is that?? One is a sans serif with different dot + cutout options. The other is a serif complete with intricate geometrics. Neither are your everyday font, but you never know when you’re gonna need em’, huh?? Head on over to his portfolio, scroll down, and download away!

* Note, the font comes in an EPS file, which means you need the Adobe Suite to use.

  1. Cassie says:

    Hi BRE! Great find. Do you know where you can download a type file for the typeface. I’m only seeing an EPS download….

  2. Brook says:

    This fonts are really interesting. I can’t believe they’re free! I’m not quite sure how to use them though. How do you use the EPS file in the Adobe Suite?

  3. SALLY says:

    I LOVE that first font, it’s brilliant. Hopefully I’ll get to use it at some point in the future, thank you for sharing these!

  4. Kelly says:

    Bummer, looks like he moved the download files or deleted them. :(

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