I do a lot of website work with my clients – and lately I’ve pushing myself to try new things. I have a certain clean + “pop of color” aesthetic that clients often hire me specifically for, which is great, but that doesn’t mean I can just sit pretty and never push myself. I stumbled across Site Inspire recently, which is chalk full of website layout inspiration. Seriously, you could get lost for hours. I did. They pick out the best of the best!

It was refreshing to page through these for some time ( a good hour or so ) and feel SO FULL of inspiration by the end of it. Here’s one of my favorite picks from my mini inspira-sesh. A website with cool colors, overlapping elements, and sweet details. I love it! See the full site here or scan through other well done layouts on Site Inspire. There’s nothing wrong with trying new things!

  1. Whitney says:

    That site is like inspiration heaven for me right now. I love everything about it!

  2. Laina says:

    This is exactly what I’ve been needing to help me brainstorm for one of my current clients. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Kristin b says:

    Oh my geeeee, this is amazing. Parking myself right now.

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