I’m a big fan of gold + white. In fact – I often pick gold colored accessories over silver. Who’s with me?? Either way, I decided to pick out some favorite items of mine that would be perfect for a golden summer. If it’s hot where you’re at, the outfit on the left is for you. A little cooler? No problem – the one on the right has you covered! Accessories match them both, which is a major plus! A little sparkle here & there never hurt anyone.

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  1. anto says:

    Yes, I usually pick out golden accessories over silver as well. That beaded top is so pretty!

  2. twiggs says:

    gorgeous choices! i love gold as well… i think it’s more elegant than silver, it’s tasteful and distinct! i loved almost everything on your choices, but my favourites, the bra, the sandals and the bracelet!

  3. Callie says:

    I have te SInclair Warby Parkers and I love them! Did you end up ordering a pair?

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